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NYC Gynecology

Our top Ob/Gyns are here for you—we leave ample time in every appointment to answer all your questions, and make every effort to truly personalize your gynecologic care.

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From annual checks to family planning, we have womanhood covered

No woman is the same, so why should their healthcare be? Our Ob/Gyns are committed to providing you with in-depth, personalized gynecologic care and taking the time to learn your medical history, your own concerns, and your plans for the future.
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Our Patient-First Approach

  • At Viva Eve we specialize in your female health—all of it. From obstetrics, NYC gynecology and fibroid care, our interdisciplinary team of specialists are all right here in-house.
  • We allow extra time in every appointment to hear your concerns, speak with you, and make a custom diagnosis.
  • Each Viva Eve patient receives a dedicated Patient Concierge Team Member to help with insurance, future appointments, and everything in between.
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Convenient NYC Gynecology Near Me

Our mission is to set a new standard for women’s health. One that invites all women in, partners with them for the long term, and empowers them to take control of their health for a better life. Our patient experience includes:


  • ✔️ Convenient on-site imaging and lab work services✔️ Advanced technology (anatomical screens for 1:1 education and 4D ultrasounds)✔️ Diverse providers and staff – over 10 languages spoken and 26 countries of origin✔️ Multiple treatment options for complex GYN conditions and perspectives on treatment

Whether you’re searching for an Ob/Gyn near me, you’ll find the best Ob/Gyns and women’s health specialists at Viva Eve – a top-rated NYC gynecology practice.

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Meet Your Clinical Team

From our caring front-desk staff to our empathetic providers, we strive to create a warm and welcoming experience for all of our patients.
Meet The NYC Gynecology Team
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Gynecology FAQs

For more information about our gynecologic care, services, facilities, and more, please call (212) 988-2111.

Experience the New Standard for Women's Health