Giving birth can be both exciting and terrifying, whether you are a first-time mom or already have children. Just as the rest of your pregnancy has differed from everyone you know, your birth experience will be unique to you and your baby. 

How is Viva Eve different?

At Viva Eve we understand that no two pregnancies or perspectives are alike and, as a result, there are multiple ways for a family and doctor to choose to guide their delivery. There is no one-size-fits-all model.  Our team of expert Ob/Gyns are dedicated to providing highly personalized, expert care through every stage of your pregnancy, and especially childbirth and delivery.

Providing Consistent, High-Quality Care

At Viva Eve Ob/Gyn practice, we’ve brought thousands of babies into the world over the years and we enjoy caring for mothers-to-be. As Viva Eve’s patient, you’ll get to know each of our doctors. This ensures that you know and are comfortable with the doctor who delivers your baby. The vast majority of pregnancies go according to plan; however, when emergencies arise, our doctors are available to you 24 hours a day. 

Our doctors each have similar styles and work closely together to make sure you receive consistent, high-quality care and will do their absolute best to make sure that you have a wonderful and positive experience. 

Using the Latest Technology and Pain Management Techniques

Babies are born today in the same way that they have been born for generations, but many things associated with childbirth have changed, including women’s expectations of childbirth, pain management options, and the technology used during pregnancy and birth. 

Your Ob/Gyn will monitor your baby closely during labor if necessary to see how your baby is handling contractions and to make sure the baby is doing okay.

Ob/Gyn doctors work with anesthesiologists that are experts in pain management techniques that are safer and less disruptive to the process of labor with Viva Eve Obstetrics will work with you on choosing your options for pain management and/or natural birth, as long as you and your baby are healthy and there are no complications.

Respecting Our Patients’ Vision of Their Childbirth Experience

Viva Eve’s labor and delivery Ob/Gyns, in collaboration with patients, and those who support them in labor, can help women have the birth experience they have envisioned by using techniques that require minimal interventions and allows patients to have a happy and positive experience. 

Patient’s Role

Viva Eve’s Obstetrics labor & delivery doctors will provide you with information, tools and resources to become an active member of your maternity care team and active participant in your care. 

Viva Eve’s expert Ob/Gyns encourage patients to discuss what’s important to them, take the time to answer all their questions and help them make decisions that are right for them and their babies.

Labor and Delivery Facilities

Many of our patients come from all over the world to deliver in one of the top maternity hospitals in the country,  Mount Sinai West. The hospital’s state-of-the-art birthing facilities include the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Center for Labor and Birth and the Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder Center for Maternity Care

Viva Eve’s Services:

Normal and high risk obstetrics



Vaginal birth after cesarean section

Genetic Screening

Prenatal fetal testing

Laboratory and ultrasound evaluations available in office

Umbilical cord blood banking via CryoCell® the world’s leader in cord blood banking

Viva Eve lactation specialists offer breastfeeding support and resources for new mothers and their families. Our lactation consultants are available to work with you and your baby on the basics of breastfeeding positions and latching-on techniques so that you baby gets all the nutrition he or she needs.

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