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Cosmetic Gynecology

Your Ob/Gyn is your first stop when it comes to your female wellness. Now, the journey continues. Discover a more intimate experience – introducing our new line of cosmetic gynecology procedures.

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Cosmetic gynecology procedures that are as individual as you are

Let’s face it – aging, pregnancy, childbirth, weight fluctuations, and genetics may all take a toll on the appearance and function of a woman’s vagina. That confidence – or lack thereof – follows you into the bedroom, the boardroom, and everywhere in between. Viva Eve is breaking the mold in a beautiful way by introducing cosmetic gynecology procedures, backed by expertise you can trust.
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Our Cosmetic Approach

There is no stronger provider-to-patient relationship than that of a woman and her Ob/Gyn provider. We care for our patients through every step of their healthcare (puberty, sexual health, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum care, and into their perimenopausal phase).

By expanding into the subspecialty of cosmetic gynecology, our patients now have access to popular procedures that address underlying physical concerns from a cosmetic and medical standpoint. With a clear understanding of what women want – a one-stop destination where they can manage all aspects related to their overall health – these treatments are predictable, safe, and effective in reviving patients’ quality of life related to their physical comfort, sexual wellness, and overall health and wellbeing.

Viva Eve is an integrated specialty practice that also has an expert plastic surgeon on staff who can provide additional consultations to patients considering a cosmetic gynecology procedure. Our extensive women’s health and cosmetic gynecology NYC team provides best-in-class care, combining top specialists with the latest technology in a warm and welcoming experience.



Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery NYC

Choosing Viva Eve for your cosmetic gynecology New York needs will mean that your doctor is both an expert board-certified gynecologist and a skilled cosmetic gynecology surgeon. Based on your interests, goals and the medical issues you’re looking to address, you might be recommended a minimally invasive procedure or a reconstructive procedure. These procedures can address various health issues, reduce discomfort, and improve the appearance of female genitalia.  

Cosmetic Gynecology Procedures

At Viva Eve's cosmetology gynecology clinic, you can come to us for the following corrective and enhancing plastic surgery procedures.

How it Works

Cosmetic Gynecology FAQs

For more information about our cosmetic GYN services, cosmetic gynecology New York facilities, and more, please call (212) 988-2111.

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