Viva Eve is committed to providing you an outstanding experience as a patient. We achieve this by following our three E’s: Empathize with every patient who comes in, Educate every patient on any condition they may have and all possible treatment options, and Empower every patient to make the treatment decision that they feel is best for them. 

At Viva Eve, the following elements are important to us in providing your care:

  • We want you to understand your needs and for you to have a positive and personalized experience with your medical team.
  • We want it to be easy for you to communicate with us, so we offer multiple ways for you to contact us. 
  • We believe that collaborative care best meets patient needs, so there is a team of medical professionals always available.
  • We want you to understand our financial and billing practices so we agree on our respective obligations. 
  • We want to be proactive in meeting your needs.
  • We understand that your time is valuable.

How does your practice work to understand my needs and to ensure I have a positive and personalized experience with your medical team?

  • For your first appointment, we ask that you plan to be with us for 90 minutes from start to finish, and for any follow-up visits, you should expect to spend from 30 minutes to an hour here at Viva Eve. 
  • Our providers are committed to taking the time to talk with our patients and making sure every woman leaves her appointment feeling like she had all her questions answered. In other words, we spend as much time with each patient as needed and try to never rush through any appointment.  We work diligently to ensure our appointment schedule allows for sufficient time for each appointment. On occasion, some appointments take even longer than expected or medical emergencies arise. This can lead to subsequent patients having to wait. In this type of situation, we will communicate with you about any delays and keep you apprised of when you can expect to be seen and we know your time is valuable and appreciate your patience. Regardless of how our schedule unfolds on any day, we promise to give you the time and attention you need when it is your turn to see the provider. 
  • We believe that our patients receive the best care when they see their provider in-person. For this reason, we do not offer medical guidance or diagnosis over the phone. For urgent needs, you can always contact our team for a same-day appointment, and we will make sure to take care of you. 

What is a “Collaborative Care” model, why is it a positive thing and what does this mean for me as a patient?

  • Collaborative Care is an approach where a team of medical professionals addresses your medical needs.  While you will have one physician who manages your care, there will be other professionals in the practice aware of your history and who may also participate in your care.  The benefit of this approach is that it ensures strong collaboration among medical professionals in reviewing and determining the best approach to managing your needs and making sure that there is always someone available to you.  
  • Occasionally, the doctor you were scheduled to see may not be in the office at the time of your appointment.  This is because our doctors are sometimes called to the hospital for emergency surgeries and births unexpectedly.  Out of respect for your time and schedule, we work to have an alternate experienced provider in the office to cover for their colleague, so that you don’t have to miss your appointment or go through the hassle of rescheduling. We also do our best to inform our patients when a change in available providers on that date. You will have the opportunity to keep your appointment with the alternate provider or reschedule with the provider you originally requested.

What do you do to respect my time and make my life easier?

  • At Viva Eve, we perform all our ultrasounds, bloodwork, and many of the small procedures at our offices to reduce the number of additional appointments you need and ensure you are always seen in our high-quality facilities.
  • Same-Day Visits for our Established Patients: If you need urgent care with your provider here at Viva Eve, you have direct access to our clinical team Monday through Saturday during business hours. Simply call or message our team through our secure system, and we will accommodate you with same-day care. Please note that you may not see your normal provider based on scheduling, and there might be some wait time, but we will ensure you are seen.  If it is deemed a medically urgent issue, you will be moved to the front of the line.  If there is a medical emergency or you are in imminent danger, we do request you call 911.
  • Same-Day Visits for Brand New Patients: If you are in urgent need of OB/GYN care and are looking for a same-day appointment with us, please call our team and we will do our very best to accommodate you. We will try to expedite your insurance verification, or you may opt to pay for your visit out-of-pocket. Please call our team first, so that we can assess our availability and gather appropriate information to book your appointment.  
  • After-Hours and Sundays: Our providers are available to you by phone (and even in-person) for any urgent or emergent medical issue that may occur 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Please call any of our office numbers and you will be connected directly to our on-call team for support. 
  • Cancelation Policy: We want to make you aware that we do have a cancelation and no-show policy here at Viva Eve. We kindly request a 24-hour notice for appointment cancelations or reschedules. This allows us to offer the appointment to another patient who needs to be seen. In the event of short notice cancelations or no shows, a fee of $50 may apply. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
  • Confirming Your Appointments: We provide you with both email and text confirmations and reminders of your appointments. We require that all patients confirm their appointment 2 days prior to their booked time by responding “C” to the text message you’ll receive via mobile phone. 
  • Rescheduling Your Appointment: If you need to reschedule your appointment with us, you can call or message our team via our secure system, or simply reply “R” to the text you’ll receive 2 days prior to your appointment. Our team will call and message you about potential new times, so we can continue to provide you the care you need.

How do I contact and communicate with Viva Eve?

  • Contacting Our Team — Our team is available to assist you with any scheduling or non-medical issues through phone and secure messaging (Klara). Once you are established as a patient, we will provide you with instructions on how to use our secure messaging tool.  Our Billing Team is also available to you through Klara and email at
  • Lab Results — We use a system called Elaborate to manage your test results.  We report normal lab results through Elaborate within two weeks of the test and within four weeks for any genetic testing.

You will gain access to your results via text and/or email. We will discuss any abnormal result with you by phone or in-person. 

What are your billing practices and my financial obligations?

We work with many insurance companies, however there are some insurance companies and programs with whom we do not work. We will discuss with you the insurance you have prior to your first visit and determine if we work with your insurance company. We will periodically review your insurance to ensure that it is still the insurance with which we work. If we do not work with your current insurance provider, we will let you know and you can either assume the full financial obligation yourself, or you may decide that we are not the best practice for your healthcare needs.

  • We work with many insurances to provide our patients with access to quality healthcare. We will always inform you of any out of pocket costs BEFORE you come in for any visit.
  • We will never SURPRISE BILL our patients and, when applicable, will comply with the Federal No Surprises Act and State Balance Billing laws.
  • Your insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is NOT a bill, it is merely your insurance company detailing your visit and informing you of what they are going to cover and pay to us, and what they are leaving as the “Patient Portion.”
  • Your insurance will likely mail you a check in the amount they have agreed to pay us, with the expectation that you will forward the check to us.
  • There are 3 ways you can make payments once you receive checks from your insurance company:
    1.   We’ll provide you with pre-paid envelopes you can use to mail us any checks your insurance sends you for us. Please always sign the back of the check and send it in with the explanation of benefits.
    2. You can drop off the check and Explanation of Benefits to any of our locations or bring it in with you during your next visit.
    3. You can use our online billing tool called Inbox Health to view all your financial information as well as to make online payments.

Rest assured we are always here to clarify or answer any further questions you may have. Our billing team can be reached Monday – Friday at 212-430-8670 and at

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience and treatment outcome possible. Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have about your care.

Version January 2023

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