At Viva Eve we offer personalized reproductive and family planning NYC services through contraception counseling, initiation and ongoing care.

All women should consider family planning services, not just those who are planning to have a family in the near future. Based on your reproductive and family planning goals, the dedicated team of specialists at our family planning center NYC will provide you with the comprehensive care and counseling you need to make an informed decision that is right for you. 

Should you desire contraception, our staff will explain to you all of the birth control options you have to choose from, including birth control pills, the patch, the ring, the implant, an intrauterine device, and also sterilization procedures.

What is Family Planning?

Family planning refers to the deliberate and conscious process of making informed decisions about when to have children, how many children to have, and the spacing between pregnancies. Family planning can also include the choice to have no children.

How do you prepare for Family Planning?

If you’re looking to start a family, speaking with your healthcare provider is always recommended. During your initial visit, you and your doctor will discuss your plans for the future and the numerous factors you’ll want to keep in mind as you begin trying to conceive. These will likely include the following:

Birth Spacing – If you have a specific family size in mind, your doctor can inform you on the pregnancy spacing recommended between your pregnancies. This window of time is referred to as birth spacing, pregnancy spacing and inter-pregnancy interval. It’s important to consider spacing your pregnancies apart an appropriate amount because having a successive pregnancy that is too close to your prior pregnancy can impact the risk of premature birth. 

Lifestyle Changes –  If you’re planning to get pregnant, our team will also discuss other measures to take to optimize your chances of getting pregnant and ensure your pregnancy is as healthy as possible. Your physician may recommend taking prenatal vitamins, such as folic acid, as well as other measures to reduce the risk of birth defects. Your physician may also advise you to switch certain products you may use, and evaluate your habits, diet, and other factors that could impact your pregnancy. 

Fertility Testing – It’s your physician’s job to advocate and care for your health and your future fertility. If you’ve been trying for a while without success, they may recommend fertility testing. Here are some of the basic fertility testing we do at Viva Eve: 

  • A transabdominal/transvaginal sonogram will be performed to assess the uterine cavity and ovaries
  • Labs are collected for baseline health. We will also evaluate hormone levels on specific cycle days to assess ovarian reserve
  • We offer the service of performing saline infusion sonos and/or hysterosalpingograms to evaluate the uterine cavity and fallopian tube patency
  • Semen analysis

If you are a patient of our OB/GYN doctors you will have access to Mount Sinai West and the hospital’s state-of-the-art birthing facilities.

What is the reason for scheduling a family planning consultation?

There are several reasons why someone might schedule a family planning consultation:

  • Contraceptive Decision-Making: your Viva Eve healthcare provider can help you choose the method that best suits your particular situation and preferences.
  • Pregnancy Planning: A family planning consultation can you understand factors that influence fertility, the importance of preconception health, and how to optimize your chances of conceiving.
  • Optimal Pregnancy Timing:A family planning consultation can provide guidance on safe intervals between pregnancies to promote maternal and infant health.
  • Health Considerations: Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or concerns may seek a family planning consultation to discuss how their health might impact pregnancy and the options available to manage any risks.
  • Personalized Guidance: Every individual’s or couple’s situation is unique, and a family planning consultation provides a chance to receive personalized advice based on one’s health history, lifestyle, values, and preferences.

What can you expect during Family Planning?

During a family planning consultation, you can expect to engage in a comprehensive discussion with a healthcare provider about your reproductive health, family goals, and contraceptive options. The consultation aims to provide you with information, guidance, and support to make informed decisions about your reproductive future.

What is the followup like for Family Planning?

If contraception was the main goal of your family planning consultation, the follow-up process for family planning will vary based on the contraceptive method chosen, individual preferences, and any specific health considerations. Family planning follow-up is important to ensure the chosen method is effective, well-tolerated, and aligned with your reproductive goals. 

What are the potential costs for Family Planning?

The potential costs associated with a Family Planning consultation can vary depending on the healthcare provider, the location, and your insurance coverage. 

Are there related procedures to Family Planning?

Services at our family planning center include:

  • Routine screening for breast and cervical cancers, including pap smears and HPV testing
  • STD testing and treatment
  • Birth control counseling, selections and management
  • Birth control after pregnancy
  • Birth control implants and removal (Nexplanon® and Implanon®)
  • IUD insertion – including non-hormonal (Paraguard®), 5 year (Mirena®) and 3 year (Skyla®)
  • IUD removal
  • Menopause hormone treatment and management
  • Miscarriage management
  • Depo-Provera injections
  • Sterilization Procedures including tubal ligation and Essure®

Turn to Viva Eve’s Family Planning Center NYC

With 30+ years of history serving women in the New York City area, Viva Eve’s mission is to set a new standard for women’s healthcare and empower our patients to take control of their health for a better life. As a practice with expert specialists for every age and stage, Viva Eve’s top-rated Ob/Gyns and Nurse Practitioners are uniquely equipped to provide the best possible family planning services, from birth control, to fertility awareness, to pregnancy spacing. Family planning is widely available and easily accessible through Viva Eve’s Family Planning Center NYC.

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