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    5.0 Google

    Review from Kit A.

    Source: Google | Aug 24, 2023

    Quick, friendly and efficient. I went on my lunch break from work and got my consultation, pap smear, sonogram and blood work all done in 90 minutes!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Chantelle J.

    Source: Google | Aug 22, 2023

    Would recommend this place to anyone for their obgyn needs. The staff, The nurses, the sauno tech, everyone we so warming and kind. They have concern/compassion. Dr. Drosinos is amazing, she gave me a sense of faith and hope. Turned my frown upside down for sure.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Natalya K.

    Source: Google | Aug 21, 2023

    Thank you very much to all the staff for showing me attention, support, to each specialist, thank you for always meeting with a smile, supporting, being interested, approaching the problem with understanding, which is very important and valuable!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Ronnel J.

    Source: Google | Aug 20, 2023

    This was my first time at Viva-Eve and it was great. Their customer service is impeccable. The facility/office is clean. There is a relaxed atmosphere and they answered every question. Everyone from the nurse assistant, front desk reception, the nurse practitioner and person who assists to set your next appointments was professional and pleasant. I want to shout out Sadanie, Myra, Eva, Cassie and Diante who attended to me. Thank you for providing an excellent and non judgemental experience. I look forward to my follow-up. I'm so glad I found you on Instagram. Keep giving the best of you. It's appreciated. Best, Ronnel
    5.0 Google

    Review from Alysia L.

    Source: Google | Aug 20, 2023

    This establishment is very clean Good staff and very curious I do recommend this place to women.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Shani W.

    Source: Google | Aug 20, 2023

    Professional & gentle! Understanding and caring! Also very upfront and straightforward about billing and medical processes! What an amazing experience!! Thanks again!!!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Tracy D.

    Source: Google | Aug 18, 2023

    Friendly staff who are efficient. Down to earth doctor. Practitioner Garcia was great. She was informative and quick.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Anonymous

    Source: Google | Aug 17, 2023

    Very professional and courteous.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Moyaah P.

    Source: Google | Aug 15, 2023

    I’ve suffered with fibroids for a very long time. I’ve never been comfortable with the care I’ve received from various doctors. I went to Viva Eve off a friend’s recommendation and it was the best decision I made. They are kind, patient and extremely thorough. I look forward to many years with them.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Dana P.

    Source: Google | Aug 12, 2023

    They made me feel so comfortable about everything . I really loved and enjoyed their service !! I would definitely go back !!! This was my first time and I can say I had a GREATTT experience !
    5.0 Google

    Review from Jessica F.

    Source: Google | Aug 8, 2023

    Absolutely great experience.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Shantelee C.

    Source: Google | Aug 4, 2023

    Such a pleasant experience. The friendliness of the office is warming. Viva Eve is a cozy experience and the service was timely and very professional. Their approach and care for female health is class.
    5.0 Google

    Review from DAndra T.

    Source: Google | Aug 4, 2023

    Talk about a beautiful experience! Today was my first visit to be established as a new client! Dr .Thornton and all the staff I spoke with were amazingly kind in conversation. They treated me with respect and were extremely knowledgeable. I’m so glad I made the decision to visit.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Diana T.

    Source: Google | Jul 30, 2023

    Very clean, friendly well equipped and educated place would recommend 100% this place
    5.0 Google

    Review from Patricia O.

    Source: Google | Jul 29, 2023

    Loving and caring people
    5.0 Google

    Review from Tishna L.

    Source: Google | Jul 20, 2023

    Friendly staff, cordial and convenient. Lovely facility, I had an excellent experience. I would highly recommend for cleanliness , comfort and amazing staff support.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Gia T.

    Source: Google | Jul 18, 2023

    The best practice i’ve ever dealt with The staff is amazing, doctors are extremely professional and they spend time listening to your concerns. I’ve never felt rushed during an appointment I’m currently 6 months pregnant following up with viva eve and i’ve met almost every doctor in this practice. Dr Drosinos and Dr Gohar are the ones I’m mostly following up with, they make sure to listen and explain to me everything if i ever have concerns. Dr Ben as well is extremely nice and can’t forget Melanie she’s been amazing since the beginning. I can definitely recommend this place to anyone.
    5.0 Google

    Review from Shirley A.

    Source: Google | Jul 15, 2023

    The office staff was friendly and accommodating from the start. There was a calmness I felt the whole time I was there! Dr Ben was a dear- made me comfortable and so informative! Even the nurse was so sweet while drawing blood! Everyone made sure to keep you in the loop. Really an excellent experience!
    5.0 Google

    Review from Michelle P.

    Source: Google | Jul 12, 2023

    Profesionalism …bedside manners … the clinical team is professional no judgement .. Dr Gohor is very nice a great listener and so far thorough
    5.0 Google

    Review from Leila M.

    Source: Google | Jul 10, 2023

    Great experience! Everyone was welcoming and willing to answer any of my concerns!

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