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Ob/Gyn Midtown East, Manhattan

What we offer at our Ob/Gyn Midtown East, Manhattan

A visit to an Ob/Gyn is recommended for annual screening or if you have concerns about your reproductive health. You can see a gynecologist for obstetrics, menstruation and fertility issues, hormone disorders, pregnancy and childbirth, and sexually transmitted infections.

If you want to take control of your gynecological health, yearly appointments with an Ob/Gyn should be on your calendar. At our Ob/Gyn Midtown East, we have a team of specially trained doctors who can diagnose and treat conditions that your general practitioner cannot manage.

You can visit our Ob/Gyn Midtown East, Manhattan facility if you need any of these services:

Pap Smear

A pap test helps detect cervical cancer in women. During the test, a trained physician collects cells from your cervix and checks for abnormalities or other signs that may indicate cervical cancer.

Why should you visit our Ob/Gyn Midtown East facility for a pap smear? This test helps detect cervical cancer early on, increasing the chances of curing it.

IUD Removal and Insertion

An intrauterine device (IUD) is one of the most effective birth control methods. A doctor inserts a tiny device into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. At our Ob/Gyn Midtown East, NYC facility we can insert a wide range of IUDs, specially chosen for you. 

If you want your IUD removed, our doctors can also help. With Viva Eve, IUD removal is quick and simple. You will only experience minor discomfort and cramping for a few minutes.

Pelvic Exam

Schedule an appointment with Viva Eve at Midtown East, Manhattan if you want a skilled Ob/Gyn to evaluate your reproductive organs. Our doctors will check your vagina, cervix, vulva, uterus, ovaries, and rectum for abnormalities.


If you have fibroids, the doctor may recommend a hysterectomy. Whether it’s a partial or total hysterectomy, you can trust our doctors at Midtown East, Manhattan. However, we only recommend this procedure if other less invasive treatments can’t work.

Why Viva Eve's Ob/Gyn Midtown East, Manhattan

Whether you have a simple or complex gynecological condition, our interdisciplinary team of specialists got you sorted. Besides treating you, we will partner with you and empower you to fully take control of your reproductive health. We take pride in our convenient onsite lab work and imaging services and advanced technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis of common gynecological conditions.

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