Watch our animation below to learn about the Fibroid 360 Journey and the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure, performed by our Fibroid Experts.

Living With Fibroids

Are you tired of planning your life around your period, and suffering from painful and embarrassing symptoms because of fibroids?

Fibroids are growths found in or around the uterus that can vary in size, ranging from a grape to a grapefruit or larger. Fibroids can cause a variety of symptoms, such as bloating, severe cramping, excessive bleeding, and frequent urination, just to name a few.

Viva Eve’s team of fibroid experts believe in empowering women by educating them about all their treatment options. Our doctors will partner with you and help you choose the fibroid treatment that’s right for you.

Viva Eve’s Custom Fibroid Treatment Plan

Here’s how we’ll help you make a plan to treat your fibroids:

  • Meet with a doctor for the initial consultation to discuss your symptoms and how they affect your daily life.
  • Undergo preliminary tests to confirm the exact size, number, and location of your fibroids.
  • Discuss the results of your screening tests and, together with your doctor, decide on the best course of treatment and schedule your procedure.

Depending on the treatment option you choose, your specialist could be a gynecologist, an interventional radiologist, or a highly trained gynecologic surgeon.

The UFE Procedure

UFE is the least invasive non-surgical procedure that VIVA EVE offers. This treatment involves making a tiny incision in
the upper thigh or wrist, so that our board-certified fibroid experts can block the arteries supplying blood to the

This blood supply is the reason fibroids are able to grow. We leave the blood supply to the rest of the uterus untouched. Once the blood flow to the fibroids is reduced, they shrink and become inactive over time. The procedure typically takes up to one hour to perform, followed by a two- to three-hour recovery, supervised by our experienced doctors and nurses.

No overnight stay is needed and most women fully recover in 5 to 7 days.

Real Results

Over the next few months after the UFE
procedure you can expect much shorter and lighter periods, a dramatic decrease in cramping and bloating, no more frequent
urination, and a significant reduction in the size of your fibroids.

VIVA EVE doctors help you get rid of your fibroid symptoms and live a happier – and healthier – life.

Call 212-988-2111 to schedule a free phone consultation with our Patient Concierge Team or book your appointment with us below.

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