An Update to Our COVID-19 Policy

Effective July 1, 2021

In an update to our COVID-19 policy, as of July 1st, our patients will be allowed one adult companion in the room during their office visit, as well as small children.

For Patients and Visitors:

  • One adult (>18 year old) companion will be allowed for all GYN and OB visits.
  • In addition to one adult, patients are allowed to have small children in the room if needed.
  • All people who enter Viva Eve will be asked screening questions and have their temperature taken. 
  • Because we are a medical facility, all people >2 years of age are required to wear a face covering while in the office regardless of vaccination status.
  • In efforts to continue social distancing, we ask that only ONE companion is brought into the office to prevent overcrowding in shared spaces (waiting room, lobby). 

What we are doing…

  • We take our staff’s and our patients’ temperature upon their arrival at the office using infrared no-contact thermometers. Those with a temperature over 100.4 will be isolated immediately and our staff will assist them in finding appropriate medical care.
  • We added screening questions to our appointment scheduling checklist to ensure that people with cold or flu symptoms are directed to appropriate medical resources and do not come to our offices.
  • We installed advanced HEPA filters in our waiting rooms, every exam room, and throughout our office, which will purify the air in our office several times throughout the day.
  • We have improved our already high standards of personal cleanliness, our staff wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day and use hand sanitizer.
  • All patient-facing staff are wearing N95 face masks and will continue to do so until further notice.
  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect every inch of our exam and procedure rooms after each patient. 
  •  We have greatly expanded our paid sick-time policy to support staff members who should stay away from the office to help protect everyone’s health.

What you can expect when you visit us…

  • The expert, in-depth care you need and the personalized experience you deserve.
  • Doctors and Nurse Practitioners who provide a more thoughtful, thorough approach to women’s wellness. 
  • A clean and calming atmosphere where you can feel safe knowing that careful precautions were put in place for your peace of mind.
  • It is possible that you may see a different provider than initially intended. 
  • We are strategically rotating our staff’s schedule to ensure adequate coverage for the office and hospital services.

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