When it comes to finding the right gynecologist, the hunt can be a tricky one. Every woman has her own “secret sauce” when searching for an ObGyn, but most agree that the qualities critical to being a good doctor go beyond providing standard clinical care. At Viva Eve, our doctors work together to support patients, empowering them to take control of their health for a better life.  

Here are a few reasons why our team of experts are known as the top gynecologists in NYC:

They’re empathetic to the concerns of their patients.

Our gynecologists are lauded not only for their highly regarded expertise, but also for their incredible empathy with patients. “For many women, going to the gynecologist can be an anxiety-filled experience,” explains Director of ObGyn and practicing physician, Dr. Nithya Gopal. “From phobia of pelvic examinations, to feelings of personal embarrassment, going to the ObGyn can be stressful. We do our best to respond to our patients with empathy, listen to their concerns, and alleviate their fears.”

They’re good communicators.

Our gynecologists engage in open two-way communication, saying what needs to be said and then sitting back and listening. “Communication is a fundamental part of providing patient-centered care,” says Lead NP Maris Huffman. “It’s not a one-way relationship. We encourage personal responsibility in healthcare, which includes both listening and respecting patients and what they have to say. We allow our patients to set the agenda and drive the conversation.” 

They’re experts.

The female body can be mystifying – which is why having an ObGyn or Nurse Practitioner to help you decode everything you need to know, from preventative care measures, to answering questions about unusual symptoms.  When it comes to the topic of reproductive and sexual health, your ObGyn or Nurse Practitioner should be your go-to resource in deciphering your body and helping you make proactive health care decisions.

They spend more time in the consultation room.

Research shows that on average, patients are given 11 seconds to tell their doctor what’s wrong before being interrupted. At Viva Eve, our physicians offer longer, in-depth appointments and spend more time with patients. “In one appointment, they were able to include a breast exam, sonogram, bloodwork, and [my] annual checkup protocol,” says Natalia S. on Google. “Not once did I feel rushed, even with all the questions I asked.”

They’re truly passionate about helping women.

Our team cares about our patients. The number one priority is always our patients, first and foremost. “I am passionate about making women feel confident in themselves and taking ownership over their health,” says NP Jessica Catalano. “I try to uplift women and make sure they know they are never alone in taking on and/or confronting issues or obstacles.” There is nothing more important than feeling like your clinician is clearly listening to what you have to say and then gives you that validation that your concerns were heard.

The top gynecologists in NYC are not only experts in women’s health, they also provide a top-rated patient experience through quality and time spent with patients. Viva Eve’s providers are setting a new standard for women’s healthcare so patients are empowered to live longer, better lives – and all women are welcome.

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