You deserve to look and feel beautiful, inside and out. Making changes to your body to reflect who you truly are can be a life-altering and often life-saving experience. Whether you want to repair or completely reshape the most intimate parts of you, you can find the groundbreaking procedure you need to fill a new wave of affirmation in your life. 

Viva Eve offers cutting-edge vaginoplasty treatments as part of our cosmetic surgery services, which seek to center your health and wellness in a holistic way. We can help you construct or reconstruct a beautiful and intimate part of you that you will be able to care for for the rest of your life. No matter what your reasons are for disliking the way things look between your legs, vaginoplasty may be the perfect solution.

Our points of care offer a number of advanced vaginoplasty techniques to help women, transgender folks, and all patients experience confidence through our compassion-driven procedures.

What is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

One of the beautiful things about being able to offer something as advanced as vaginoplasty surgery is being able to tailor each treatment toward our patients’ personal needs. No two vaginas are the same, and therefore no two procedures should look the same. We want to customize an experience that centers your joy and thriving above all else. 

With that, there are a number of vaginoplasty techniques that we practice at all of our Manhattan, Queens, and Forest Hills locations: 

1. Vaginal Restoration

A weakened pelvic floor can cause the vaginal walls to crumble, resulting in a not-so-aesthetically pleasing shape. What was once a beautiful and healthy vagina is now starting to look malformed. Beyond that, it could be causing injuries that will further discomfort when trying to sit or sleep. 

You may even have trouble with physical exercise or intimacy, depending on how urgent your vaginal restoration needs are. 

During this type of vaginoplasty surgery, certain parts of your vagina will be tightened. This is often a procedure that is prescribed as a result of vaginal tissues separating, stretching, and loosening. It may get to a point where you are experiencing sexual dysfunction as your vaginal walls continue to loosen. If you are having trouble wearing a tampon, this might be the perfect procedure for you. 

How the Procedure Works

Your doctor and surgery team will work right beside you to determine how much of your vagina needs to be tightened and how much excess skin may need to be removed. When you next visit for your surgery, the doctor will make a wedge-shaped mark to signify the tissue that will be removed. 

During surgery, excess tissues are removed from your vagina, and then the remaining parts of your vagina are sutured together. Extruding external skin will also likely be removed during this process to create a smooth, pleasing shape. 

2. Vaginoplasty Trans and Gender-Affirming Surgery

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. The pressures of society to perform and identify a certain way based on one’s assigned gender at birth can result in high levels of dysphoria, dysmorphia, and general discontent with one’s body. Vaginoplasty surgery, which is a type of bottom surgery, is an advanced surgery that transforms existing genitals into a vagina. 

Those who identify as transfeminine or trans women may seek out a vaginoplasty trans procedure as a huge step forward in their gender journeys, having a profoundly positive effect on their mental health and overall well-being. 

How the Procedure Works

Using the body’s existing genitals (typically the penis and scrotum), the surgeon will invert them to create a vagina and vulva. Using genital tissue that is already on your body, we can carefully craft a vaginal opening with a clitoris, labia majora, and labia minora. Sometimes an orchiectomy is performed in conjunction with a vaginoplasty to remove the testicles, but this can also be done in a separate procedure. 

After the surgery, patients will need to continuously dilate their new vaginas using different devices to help them remain open and beautiful. We will constantly monitor the progress of vaginal growth and development to ensure that it remains a gorgeous and functional part of your body for the rest of your life. 

Benefits and Risks of Vaginoplasty Surgery at Viva Eve

Both types of vaginoplasties are intensive surgeries that will require the use of anesthesia throughout the duration of the procedure. Every major surgery carries the risk of internal bleeding and complications during anesthesia. However, we take care to ensure that our policies, practices, and procedures are performing at peak safety and hygiene. There are many ways that we take care of you while staying safe, from our COVID-19 precautions to our strict surgical rules. 

That being said, there are additional advantages – and a few pitfalls – that you should be educated about before you make any kind of decision about your body. 

Benefits of Vaginoplasty as a Vaginal Restoration Procedure

It is important to address the benefits of both the procedure and the unique procedure process at Viva Eve. We take a radical approach to women’s comprehensive healthcare, centering your needs and your goals above all else. Our vast ability to treat a number of gynecology conditions is what makes us a safe and accessible space for all. 

Patients who seek out restorative vaginoplasty surgery can look forward to enjoying these additional advantages: 

  • Improved tissue and muscle strength
  • Reinforced vaginal walls and healthy underlying structures
  • Better satisfaction during sex
  • Physical comfort and pain relief 
  • Improved self-esteem
  • A more aesthetically-pleasing vagina 

Vaginoplasty Risks

  • Numbness or loss of sensation in certain parts of the vagina
  • Intercourse is still painful after the procedure

Childbirth injuries are natural but can still come as an unpleasant surprise. In order to retain the integrity and comfort of your vagina, you may want to consult with one of our medical professionals to find out what the best course of action is. 

Benefits of Gender-Affirming Vaginoplasty Trans Surgery 

Some individuals seek out progressive vaginoplasty services in order to feel more aligned with the gender they identify with. Trans-affirming vaginoplasty surgeries have a tremendous impact on an individual’s health, well-being, survival, and ability to thrive. 

The most important benefits of this kind of vaginoplasty surgery include: 

  • Great relief from feelings of gender dysphoria
  • Improved quality of life
  • Aesthetic and physical consistency with the way one identifies 
  • Relief from pain, discomfort, or injury
  • Reduced risk of nerve damage in certain areas
  • An easier time going to the bathroom

Vaginoplasty Risks

  • Inadvertent injury to the nerves
  • Vaginal stenosis 

There are a few rare conditions that may occur during the surgery or recovery process, and your surgeon will be sure to inform you of those risks before you commit to any procedure. We want you to have the best possible outlook with surgical results that you can be happy with for years and years to come. 

Is Vaginoplasty Surgery Right for You?

Depending on the type of vaginoplasty procedure that you are going to get, your recovery times may vary. While some folks can get back to work within a couple of weeks following the procedure, others may need to wait a few months for their bodies to fully heal. 

Vaginal surgery is an intimate and important procedure that can completely transform the way you view yourself. We are proud to bring this empowering service to you in a variety of different ways, giving you options that best suit your own needs. We want you to feel empowered every time you visit a Viva Eve location or speak with one of our friendly representatives on the phone. 

Learn More with a Vaginoplasty Consultation Today

We believe that every part of you deserves to be celebrated. You have earned the right to love yourself, empower yourself, and feel good about every part of your body. We understand how important this process can be, which is why we are committed to helping you every step of the way. 

Book a consultation with our Viva Eve gynecology experts, who can help you realize that your own power comes from within. Contact us now to start the next chapter of your life. 

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