What is Labiaplasty?

Whether due to injury, aging, or a prior medical condition, you may be dealing with physical and aesthetic discomfort around your labia area. Patients with excess skin or enlarged labia may experience skin twisting, pinching sensations, and uncomfortable feelings during sex, which can cause a huge dip in health and self-esteem.

It is our mission at Viva Eve to offer a new level of women’s healthcare, centering you and your personalized treatment needs to create a service that works for you. We now offer labiaplasty surgery as one of our new cosmetic gynecology services to assist women with a wide variety of desires. 

About Labiaplasty

For those who are wondering, “What is labiaplasty, exactly?” you aren’t alone. Many of our new patients want to learn more about this pleasing and often life-changing procedure.

Simply put, labiaplasty surgery reshapes and resizes the labia minora, and sometimes the labia majora, through a cosmetic procedure. Labia are often referred to as the “lips” of the vagina, as they describe the fleshy and often elastic-like folds of skin that surround the vaginal opening. Anyone looking to give their labia and their overall genitalia a more “tucked in” appearance, or anyone who wants to get rid of major asymmetry in that area, may be a great candidate for labiaplasty surgery. 

That is one type of labiaplasty meaning that we describe as part of our services. You may also be interested in a gender-affirming labiaplasty, which is a procedure that adds or removes excess skin to the vaginal area to create a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing set of vaginal lips.

When Do I Need Labiaplasty?

While many of our patients qualify as stellar candidates for labiaplasty, that doesn’t mean it is the perfect surgery for you. That’s why we like to schedule an initial one-on-one consultation with you to get a better sense of your needs. We would love the opportunity to learn more about who you are and how we can address your gynecology conditions to support a better quality of life for you. 

Typically, individuals who visit us at Viva Eve want to make sure that they are being taken care of every step of the way. We do something quite revolutionary: we listen. We can help you determine the right course of action to take if you are dealing with any of the below symptoms: 

  • Trouble using the bathroom due to the size of your labia
  • Discomfort, pinching, pulling, or tightness during physically intense activities such as running or intercourse 
  • Irritation on or around the labia, especially when the labia rubs against other skin on the body 
  • Trouble wearing form-fitting clothes without pain or discomfort 
  • A sudden increase in hygiene issues, such as bacteria growth as a result of being unable to reach certain areas to clean

People and their labia come in all different shapes and sizes, and what looks normal to one person may look abnormal to another. 

It is understandable to feel self-conscious while changing in front of others or having sex with others due to the size, shape, or misalignment of your labia. Whether you are looking to affirm your gender or your self-confidence (or both!), you will receive holistic medical care through a team of experts who truly care about you. 

Labiaplasty Surgery Techniques

What is labiaplasty at Viva Eve specifically, and what types of surgical techniques do we offer?

Currently, there are two major ways to perform labiaplasty surgery: 

1. Wedge Labiaplasty

The wedge technique involves the removal of the thickest part of the labia. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove a triangle-shaped wedge from the wide labia center and reattach the top and bottom pieces for a more narrow shape. This is often a popular choice for patients because it still leaves a very natural-looking appearance while trimming the excess edges for ultimate comfort, health, and aesthetic appeal. 

2. Trim Labiaplasty

Rather than taking a triangle-shaped cut out of the labia like a wedge procedure, the trim technique takes a simpler approach. During this procedure, the surgeon will cut a straight line down the excess part of the labia minora, removing it entirely. It will then be sutured to give it more symmetry. 

Labiaplasty Surgery & the Recovery Process

Some patients expect a full labiaplasty meaning that they want to see changes to both the labia minora and majora. Depending on the current shape and structure of your genitals, less may be more. You can speak more about your particular goals during a personal consultation with our doctors at Viva Eve. During your visit, you will be given the attention and care you deserve, and together we will create a personalized treatment plan to ensure we are meeting all of your needs and more. 

Another step in the consultation process is to set you up with a list of expectations for the procedure itself as well as recovery. Since labiaplasty surgery is not the most invasive surgical procedure, it should only require a few days of downtime. Many women who opt for this procedure are able to return to work within the same week. 

Doctor’s Recommendations

Everyone heals at a different rate. However, you can speak with your doctor for specific instructions so you can get a better sense of what your own recovery process will be like. Once you have successfully gone through with a life-changing labiaplasty in Manhattan, you may be asked to follow these recovery directions: 

  • Wear loose underwear and stay away from tight clothing until you are fully recovered. 
  • Do not engage in intercourse or use a tampon for at least one month. 
  • Try not to do any hard physical activity for up to 3 months. 
  • Gently clean the area often to prevent infection or bacteria buildup. 
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your surgeon as soon as possible to help you track the status of your recovery. 

You are likely to experience swelling, some pain, and feelings of discomfort within the first days following your surgery. The doctor will prescribe medications to ease your pain while the inflammation subsides. You might also be asked to take an antibiotic to avoid bacterial infection in the treatment area. 

Risks and Benefits of Labiaplasty

There is always a risk when undergoing a surgical procedure, but Viva Eve takes its practices and policies very seriously. We operate on the highest standards of hygiene, technology, and cleanliness to keep risks at an all-time minimum. 


Aside from the general dangers of surgery, labiaplasty may pose some additional risks:

  • Vaginal dryness of the inner or outer labia
  • Temporary numbness in the region
  • Decreased sensitivity in the vulva
  • Some scarring 

Most patients end up removing just a little bit of excess skin from the labia instead of going overboard. You may be wondering, “What is labiaplasty if it doesn’t get rid of all excess skin?” 

In truth, it is important to leave some of your labia behind because shortening it too much would prevent it from being able to protect your vagina. An exposed vaginal opening could lead to an increased possibility of bacterial infection, disease, and damage. 


Of course, when it comes to getting labiaplasty surgery in NYC, there are far more benefits than there are drawbacks. Patients return to Viva Eve time and time again for labiaplasty because: 

  • This surgery inspires self-confidence and a better outlook on one’s own wellness and beauty. 
  • Those looking to reduce pain, treat a serious condition, or access gender-affirming surgery will find even more value in labiaplasty meaning. 
  • Reducing the size of enlarged labia can make movement and sex a lot more comfortable. 
  • Labiaplasty surgery can increase satisfaction in sexual experiences. 
  • Reshaping the inner or outer labia can be a huge boost in self-esteem for women who feel that their asymmetrical bodies aren’t giving them a fighting chance to feel beautiful inside and out. 

Athletes who get this surgery are able to continue playing their favorite sports without having to retire early. There are many additional benefits of this procedure that we can’t wait to help you discover. 

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Viva Eve is committed to wellness, empowerment, and top-tier treatment. Your anatomy is unique, and that is something beautiful to be celebrated. We can help you reform the most intimate parts of you to make you feel more gorgeous than ever before. It’s important that you are treated with respect by a team of experts who understand that you are a powerful and unique individual.

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