Once you make a decision to have a vaginoplasty procedure, you may have questions about vaginoplasty recovery. Vaginoplasty rejuvenation surgery has become less taboo and a more common procedure in the past decade. Many have discovered the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation and are happy with the results.

While the vaginoplasty healing process varies, you can expect to need time off work, a break from fitness routines, and to even put a pause on your sex life. Voluntarily going through this extended recovery phase might feel daunting, but understanding the process can help you feel more prepared before deciding if the procedure is right for you.

Overall, vaginal rejuvenation has a high satisfaction rate, can build confidence, and can address medical complications that occur from either trauma, genetics, or age. 

What is Vaginoplasty? 

Vaginoplasty focuses on tightening the vaginal muscles and tissues. Sometimes these tissues are torn or stretched during childbirth and sometimes they change or relax with age. This reconstructive gynecologic cosmetic surgery can also address medical complications like pelvic floor issues and incontinence in addition to trauma from childbirth. After vaginoplasty recovery, many of these issues are resolved and can leave you feeling more confident and comfortable.  

Since childbirth can be a main factor in causing trauma and can tear the tissues around the vagina, your medical team will likely advise you to wait until after you have completed your family before having the procedure. In childbirth, some changes to the vagina are temporary while others can be permanent. If you feel you are ready to have vaginoplasty now but are unsure if you want to get pregnant again then we recommend you sit down with your Viva Eve obstetrician and talk in detail about your family planning

How much pain should I expect during my recovery? 

During the procedure, you won’t experience any pain because you will be given a general anesthetic. In the days and weeks ahead, your pain will mostly be related to swelling, soreness, tenderness, and bruising. With post op vaginoplasty, the pain you can expect would mostly be described as dull pain and discomfort. Overall, we usually recommend time to just relax and take it easy as you heal.

Ask for plenty of time off and prepare to spend a good amount of time at home. Feeling extreme pain or swelling is unusual and if you are experiencing severe pain you should consult your specialist immediately. This is also true if the pain increases over time, particularly within the first week. Don’t be alarmed if there is some discharge from the area or light bleeding, these are normal symptoms that will lessen as the weeks go by. 

Post op Vaginoplasty

Immediately after your procedure, you will be brought into our recovery suites where our Viva Eve specialists will monitor your healing. You will be released once you are feeling like yourself. You will continue your vaginoplasty healing in the comfort of your own home with periodic check-in appointments at Viva Eve to ensure your healing is moving along smoothly. In our Viva Eve recovery room, you will be able to review detailed information about aftercare with your specialist.

Your specialist will provide cleaning and washing that you will want to follow very closely to care for the sensitive area and to avoid infection. It is important to follow these post op vaginoplasty aftercare instructions carefully for the upcoming weeks. If you choose alternative methods of aftercare or neglect the instructions your Viva Eve specialists provide you then you might prolong the healing process or increase your chances for infection or complications. 

For the first couple of days of post op vaginoplasty, you will still need long periods of rest during the day but will for the most part be able to get up and move around in your home. 

1-2 Weeks of Vaginoplasty Healing

For the first couple of weeks after your procedure you will likely need to take time off of work to recover. You also might need to schedule follow up appointments within that time period to check on the area for wound cleaning and to make sure healing is moving along smoothly. 

In the first couple of weeks it might still be uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time and you will be advised to stay away from lifting heavy objects. If you have the flexibility to work from home during your second week post op vaginoplasty, then it is worth talking to your employer about this option.

A combination of standing, lying down, and sitting will be the most comfortable for you and is easiest to do in your own home. Prioritize listening to your body and resting as much as you need. You will still need to abstain from sex at this point and should communicate this to any partners. During this time, your pain will mostly be soreness and discomfort with swelling and bruising in the area. 

Sleep and rest is the best thing you can do to help move your vaginoplasty recovery along during this earliest phase. If the swelling causes discomfort you can manage the soreness with an ice pack and any medications that were prescribed by your Viva Eve surgeon.

4-6 Weeks after Vaginoplasty 

After four weeks of recovery, it is possible you can return to some mild activity. While at four to five weeks it is still too soon to reintroduce sex, you might be able to experiement with non-penetrative sexual activity after consulting with your specialist. You can also reintroduce light walks and casual physical activities.

Any type of activity that may irritate the area should be avoided. Activities like cycling, spin classes, jogging, or anything that agitates the area is better saved for after a full recovery is made. Usually after six weeks you can return back to your full work schedule, reintroduce workouts, and engage in penetrative sex. 

After 6 weeks of healing

Complete healing from the medical procedure normally takes about six full weeks. In the weeks and months following it is still normal to have some residual side effects as your body completely recovers and returns to feeling normal.

As the muscles and tissues in and around the vagina repair themselves it will be normal to still feel a limited range of motion, some pain, and possibly inflammation. At this phase you can talk to your Viva Eve specialist about introducing activities to help with stiffness or soreness like yoga, pilates, or other light workouts to help you feel more like yourself again. 

What are the risks?

Like any other medical procedure, vaginoplasty does come with inherent risk.

Losing sensation, scarring, pain, and infection are all potential side effects or complications that can occur from this procedure. Since risk is always involved with any surgery, we are big advocates of making sure we offer clear and effective aftercare advice, schedule follow ups, and it’s also a part of why we are glad to answer any questions you might have.

We are dedicated to empowering you with all of the information about the procedure and recovering at home. We are always available to talk and you can reach out to us whenever you have questions about your healing. 

Vaginoplasty healing tips

When it comes to the best advice for vaginoplasty healing after your procedure, your gynecologic cosmetic surgeon will be the best person to ask for advice and tips. Any recommendations they make should be prioritized over other alternative methods. You will be given medications to manage the pain symptoms and you should take those as prescribed.

That said, there are a few basic ways you can manage pain and help your recovery. Simple methods such as wearing comfortable clothing during your recovery can be very useful. Loose dresses, flowy pants, and wearing comfortable undergarments. It will also be important to keep the area clean during recovery to avoid infection. 

After your body has been given the time it needs to heal from vaginoplasty, you will be left feeling refreshed, confident, and sexy with your desired results. Whether you are doing it just for yourself, to improve your sex life, or to heal from trauma, our specialists are highly trained professionals who can help you through this recovery process.

If you are ready to take the next step, book your appointment with our lauded team of clinical specialists. 

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