How to Prepare for a Vaginoplasty Procedure

If you have been thinking about having a vaginoplasty procedure, then you might want to learn about how to best prepare for this cosmetic surgery. We’ve collected information on what to do before surgery, how to prepare yourself mentally, what your recovery will look like, and when it is the best point in your life to have a surgery like this. Vaginoplasty is just one of the many services we offer and our Viva Eve specialists are also always available to answer any questions you may have along your journey. 

What is Vaginoplasty?

One of the best ways to prepare for your vaginoplasty procedure is to fully understand what it is and how it can best benefit you. Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that tightens the muscles around the vagina. Often people who have experienced stretching or tearing after childbirth are good candidates for this procedure but anyone experiencing medical issues, vaginal trauma, or who has experienced incontinence can pursue a vaginoplasty procedure.

What to do before surgery

  1. Schedule a consultation – The first step to having a vaginoplasty procedure, or any cosmetic gynecologic procedure at Viva Eve, is to schedule a consultation with your Cosmetic Gynecologist. During that initial conversation, your specialists might ask you what benefits you are hoping to accomplish from the surgery. They may also conduct a physical exam and review your medical history at this early stage. Understanding how the procedure works is also another method on how to prepare yourself mentally. Your specialists will then be able to walk you through the procedure step by step and tell you exactly what to do before surgery. 
  2. Consider your lifestyle and if you’re done having children – During your initial consultation with your Viva Eve Cosmetic Gynecologist, your specialist will perform a physical exam to ensure that you are healthy and ready for the procedure. It is also likely they will ask you questions about whether or not you plan to have kids in the future, when your menstrual cycle is (your procedure will be scheduled around your cycle), and what you are hoping to accomplish by having a vaginoplasty procedure performed.

    While you could potentially have vaginoplasty in between pregnancies, it makes the most sense to wait until after your family is complete before having the procedure done. They will also tell you what to do before surgery and after surgery. If there is anything else you need to talk about, including how to prepare yourself mentally for the procedure, our specialists can answer your questions during the first consultation. 
  3. Undergo pre-op testing – Your Viva Eve specialist might ask for you to do some basic testing before scheduling your procedure. This more in depth examination is normal for a vaginoplasty procedure and can help your gynecologist have a more thorough understanding of your unique needs and health. A blood, urine, and pregnancy test are all part of the routine before performing a vaginoplasty procedure. 
  4. Make common surgical preparations – Your specialist will clarify what to do before surgery in the days leading up to the procedure. If you are familiar with regular surgeries then you may be familiar with some of the instructions you’ll receive before and after surgery. For example, it is likely your specialist will tell you to not eat or drink anything 8 hours before surgery. They may also ask you to hold off on taking any other medications or supplements leading up to the surgery. 
  5. Prepare yourself mentally – While many feel confident in their decision to have a vaginoplasty procedure, it is still understandable to be nervous or have concerns about any surgical or cosmetic surgery. When it comes to how to prepare yourself mentally, one of the best ways is to make sure you have all the information.

    At Viva Eve, we believe in empowering our patients by answering questions, providing detailed information, and ensuring that you have the chance to make educated and informed decisions about your sexual health. To us, Cosmetic Gynecological procedures are no different and we are available to answer any questions you may have along the way. Ask your doctor exactly what to do before surgery so you can feel prepared. 

    Another method on how to prepare yourself mentally is to come up with a plan for the days leading up to the procedure, the day of the procedure, and your recovery period. Communicate with sexual partners, friends, or family members that you will likely need a break, including from intercourse, until you heal. You will also need a ride home after the surgery and it might be helpful to have meals delivered to your home for the first couple of days as your rest.

    We also recommend communicating with your work and asking for time off. While it might feel awkward to ask off work for such a personal subject, it is important to allow yourself time to recover. Even if having a vaginoplasty procedure is information you would like to keep private, do what you can to make sure you have space and support in the days leading up to and following the surgery. 


It’s just as important to understand what to do after surgery as it is to know what to do before surgery. After the procedure is completed your body will need about six weeks to heal. The vaginoplasty procedure will be held in our state-of-the-art outpatient facility where the first few hours of your recovery will be monitored by Viva Eve healthcare professionals.

Once you are feeling well enough, you will be released and allowed to be taken home by a trusted friend or family member. We recommend taking the first few days easy and relaxing so that your body can recover. Healing is one of the areas where it’s important to understand how to prepare yourself mentally for recovery; don’t try and do too much too soon. Normally, after the six week period you feel like yourself again. 

If a Vaginoplasty procedure is something you want to learn more about, be sure to reach out to our experts at Viva Eve and book your consultation appointment. 

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