While it’s never easy to spot the tell-tale signs that you’re getting older, there’s so much you can do to continue to look and feel your best, minus the pressure of striving for an unattainable ideal. In fact, that’s exactly what Viva Eve’s new Aesthetics & Skin Health service offerings are all about: providing effective, yet realistic, treatment options, and the best skincare for aging skin.

As an add-on to Viva Eve’s Plastic Surgery offerings, our Aesthetics & Skin Health services deliver a comprehensive selection of aging skin treatments, in a trusted clinical environment that fully supports your overall health and wellness routines. 

These include…

Empowerment? Yes. Perfection? Not So Much

At Viva Eve, we’re committed to fulfilling our patients’ needs in regard to skin health, all while celebrating your individuality. We believe that a chief goal of anti-aging skincare is to boost your natural radiance, that lit-from-within glow that shows the world you’re vital, energized, on top of your game and excited about life’s next chapters.

Helping Viva Eve realize this modern take on aging skin treatments is an expert injector completely aligned with these core values: Vanessa Kodra, PA-C. A Board-Certified Dermatology Physician Assistant and Skincare Specialist, Vanesa is an excellent addition and complement to our team of Viva Eve Gynecologists, Plastic Surgeons and Registered Dieticians. Our collaborative approach means your 360-degree wellness is always top of mind, and that includes working together as a team to ensure you always have the correct diagnosis for what’s happening with your skin. 

But back to the best skincare for aging skin and Viva Eve’s empowered, pro-aging approach to Aesthetics & Skin Health. Of crucial importance is safety; under no circumstances should any aging skin treatments put results ahead of caution and best practices. That’s why Viva Eve offers only services with excellent safety profiles and a major track record when it comes to results. Read on for details about these services…

A Deeper Dive Into Our New Aesthetics Offerings

With the understanding that today’s hyper-educated patient “does her homework” before signing-on for any anti-aging skincare procedure, we’re opting for full transparency around the benefits and results you can expect from our new Aesthetics & Skin Health offerings. 

In short, they’re all minimally invasive and targeted toward rejuvenating and revitalizing, smoothing and plumping. Service by service, here’s a look at the anti-aging skincare benefits each of our new aesthetics treatments specifically offers.


An umbrella term for a group of FDA-approved brand-name anti-aging skincare products that deploy tiny amounts of the toxin produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum to address visible signs of facial aging. The neuromodulator is injected directly into targeted muscles, causing them to relax, and gradually smoothing out the appearance of the overlying skin. The effects typically last up to four months. Potential results include

  • Subtle brow lifts
  • Softening of forehead worry lines, crow’s feet around the eyes and bunny lines on either side of the nose 
  • Jawline slimming and reshaping
  • Nasal tip lifting
  • Platysma band smoothing and neck rejuvenation

Dermal Fillers

Injectable medications that help reverse the signs of aging. Unlike other cosmetic treatments that provide gradual results, the benefits of fillers appear immediately and last from four months to a year. Potential results include:

  • Plumping of hollows, fine lines and wrinkles on both face and body
  • Lip volumization
  • Restoration of volume loss due to collagen depletion


Skin-resurfacing procedure, during which your Viva Eve practitioner uses a pen-like tool, tipped with tiny needles, to create microscopic punctures beneath the skin’s surface. These microscopic punctures in turn stimulate the body’s natural healing process, producing noticeable results in as few as three or four weeks, depending on your age. Potential results include:

  • Improvement in age-related shifts in skin texture and tone
  • Boost in collagen production, elasticity and radiance
  • Increased absorption of topical skincare 

Chemical Peels

Skin-resurfacing procedure that removes the top layers of skin to promote new cell growth. Different types of chemicals determine the depth of your peel, as well as the condition treated. Potential results include: 

  • Regeneration of skin by removal of flaky outermost layer
  • Reduction in skin discoloration and dark spots generated by sun damage 
  • Boost in skin hydration and radiance
  • Increased absorption of topical skincare 

Realistic Expectations, Stellar Results 

Now that you have a clear picture of the range of Aesthetics & Skin Health treatments available, it’s time to work with your Viva Eve practitioner to come up with a plan that delivers the best skincare for aging skin. Using your present complexions concerns as a jumping-off point, you’ll set realistic, achievable goals. And with the expertise of the Viva Eve Aesthetics & Skin Health team and a little time and patience, your confidence in your appearance will soar. 

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