If you are dealing with fibroids, you might be looking into alternative methods for treatment, especially if you are hesitant about undergoing a medical procedure or have mild symptoms that feel almost manageable. While you should always talk with your Viva Eve specialist before trying any form of alternative treatment, you may want to try asking them about specific vitamins to shrink fibroids and to help manage your symptoms. 

Fibroids are small, non cancerous growths that can occur in the uterus. All women are at risk for developing fibroids, although there are some factors that can increase your chances of developing fibroids. While these growths are benign, they can still cause complications in your menstrual cycle, in contraception efforts, lower back pain, frequent urination, and they can cause pain during sex. Not all fibroids cause symptoms, but the symptoms that can occur often affect your life. If you are having heavy, painful, or prolonged bleeding during your menstrual cycle you might want to consult your Ob/Gyn. 

There are some vitamins to shrink fibroids. While it isn’t perfect, using vitamins can be a good way to help manage fibroid symptoms. It can be helpful to know what vitamins are good for fibroids. 

Some studies have been done on vitamins to shrink fibroids with promising results, however almost all of these results still need to be repeated and tested before becoming reliable methods of treatment. It is important to understand that all scientific testing requires repeated tests, consistent results, and requires time to understand the best use and effectiveness. So while we might not be able to say for sure what vitamins are good for fibroids or for sure what vitamins to shrink fibroids, we can say that these methods are worth exploring and asking your doctor about. 

Many studies have been done to determine what vitamins are good for fibroids. Some of the results are promising and could be worth talking to your doctor about, we have explored some of those options below. 

Vitamins for fibroids

Vitamin D

Studies have found a correlation between people with a Vitamin D deficiency and fibroids. Increasing Vitamin D intake could help inhibit the growth of fibroids. While Vitamin D might not be one of the vitamins to shrink fibroids, the results are promising in limiting their growth and using it to increase quality of life. A 2018 study posted in the National Library of Medicine, declared Vitamin D a safe and promising way to manage or prevent fibroids. While the study wasn’t conclusive, it implied that if further tests are done they could eventually show that Vitamin D is capable of shrinking fibroids. As of now, these controlled studies are showing results where Vitamin D is halting fibroid growth and is likely an effective way to prevent fibroids. Due to these results Vitamin D is one of the most popular vitamins for fibroids and is worth discussing with your fibroid specialist.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is high in antioxidants and can help cells rebuild and it is particularly helpful for the reproduction of red blood cells. One of the symptoms of fibroids can be heavy bleeding or irregular menstrual cycles so in a recent study they found that many women who experienced heavy bleeding also had a Vitamin A deficiency. Heavy bleeding is a common symptom with fibroids and while doses of Vitamin A can help, it is best to schedule an appointment to diagnose the cause of the irregular bleeding and confirm that fibroids are the cause. While Vitamin A is a good supplement to take, it’s still important to discuss with your doctor since side effects can include birth defects and liver problems.  


For those experiencing significant bleeding, iron supplements may be useful in preventing or treating anemia. There are specific kinds of iron supplements that absorb better into the body and can aid in managing blood loss and can slow bleeding for menstrual cycles. An iron deficiency can be caused by heavy bleeding associated with fibroids. Likewise, it could also be that the heavy bleeding is happening from a pre-existing iron deficiency — essentially one of these can cause the other. If the heavy bleeding is happening from fibroids, then iron could be listed as one of the helpful vitamins for fibroids to aid in this specific symptom. To treat and figure out specifically what vitamins are good for fibroids it is still best to talk to your Viva Eve specialist since higher amounts of iron can negatively impact digestion. There are precautions you can take to help lessen the side effects of using iron. Eating a small snack or drinking orange juice before taking your supplements can help prevent stomach or digestion issues. Additionally, avoiding certain foods, like caffeine, before taking iron can also help.

Vitamins to shrink fibroids

Green Tea

Green Tea extract (EGCg) is another method that has shown potential in medical studies that explore the use of holistic medicine and vitamins for fibroids. In pill form, EGCg has shown that it might be one of the best vitamins to shrink fibroids. Within these studies, it was found that those who used green tea extract had a notable decrease in fibroids (about 32% decrease). This same study also showed that symptoms of anemia were decreased as well as blood loss. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that might be the reason fibroid growth is limited in these studies and explain how it can naturally reduce pain caused by menstrual cramps. EGCg also is a strong antioxidant which helps to repair cells in the body and is another theory as to why it may be useful in reducing fibroid growth. While these tests were done using green tea extract (EGCg), which can be found at a local pharmacy, it is still helpful to add drinkable green tea into your routine if you are wanting to prevent, shrink, or manage fibroids. 

One of the benefits of turning to natural remedies and learning about what vitamins are good for fibroids is that adding these supplements can be low risk and improve your overall health. It is also possible they are already in your medicine cabinet and can be easily added to your morning or evening routine. The above listed vitamins for fibroids are common and healthy supplements that may already be in your cabinet. Your journey towards fibroid relief and optimal health can be an opportunity for full transformation and can help you develop habits that prevent fibroids from returning. 

You should always talk to your Viva Eve specialist before trying alternative methods of fibroid treatment.  Ask your specialist what vitamins are good for fibroids and are the best fit for your needs. 

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