If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely already asking yourself some questions – when should you first visit a gynecologist and what to expect on that visit? Those are absolutely normal questions and, thankfully, ones we can answer for you.

1. When should you first visit a gynecologist?

Typically, your first gynecologist visit should come between the ages of 13-17. Usually, gynecologists suggest making an appointment between the ages of 13-15, though that may depend on your specific circumstances.

2. What should I do before my first gynecologist visit?

Before you make your appointment, you may wish to talk to your parents to discuss when should you first visit a gynecologist. Your parents may be able to offer perspectives on the process. It’s also good to do a little research into what you might expect at that visit.

Most of the time, there isn’t very much you will need to do. Most gynecologists recommend not engaging in sexual intercourse or douching before a visit. However, this is less relevant before your first visit. Your gynecologist will need some basic information from you. This can include family medical history, information about your sexual history, and some other personal information. Be prepared to answer these questions!

3. What happens during a first gynecologist visit?

During your first gynecologist visit, you may spend little more than 20-30 minutes simply speaking with your doctor. You may have a general exam that includes taking your height, weight, and blood pressure. You may also have a long talk about any concerns you have or health problems that have come up. The gynecologist is there to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions!

Your doctor will also give you an external genital exam that involves examining the vulva and surrounding area. They may give you a mirror so you can look as well. Additionally, your doctor may give you more information about your body at this time.

Depending on your medical history, you may have a basic pelvic exam. However, this is typically done only if you are experiencing pain or abnormal menstrual cycles.

4. Be honest!

Your gynecologist will likely ask you personal questions during the exam. It’s important to give your doctor honest answers. You may feel uncomfortable sharing this information during your first gynecologist visit but know that this information will not be shared. More importantly, it’s crucial to the doctor’s ability to give you good medical advice and keep you healthy.

5. Will it hurt?

While your first gynecologist visit may be uncomfortable, it should never be painful! Gynecologists are trained to help you understand and take control of your health. If you do have a pelvic exam, it should never hurt! If you experience any pain at all, tell your doctor immediately.

6. Should I ask Questions?

Yes, absolutely! Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your first gynecologist visit! Your gynecologist is there to help you. Asking questions can be a great way to understand more about your body and issues that directly affect your health. If you are uncertain about what to ask, try these 10 Questions to Ask Your New Gynecologist for more information.

7. What happens after my visit?

Once you leave your first gynecologist visit, you may have other things to do. You might have a prescription to fill (like an oral contraceptive) or referral appointments to make. After your first appointment, you should have a better idea of what to expect from your next visit. While it is most common for women to visit the gynecologist annually once they turn 21, there are factors that may change the frequency of their visits.

While your first gynecologist visit can be a nerve-wracking experience, it doesn’t have to be! Viva Eva’s gynecologists are among the top-rated doctors in NYC. Our experienced team of board-certified physicians is here to help with everything from your initial visit to treatments for any gynecological conditions or concerns. 

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