Seeing a new gynecologist soon? Whether it’s your first-ever appointment or you’re switching OBGYNs, you likely have a lot of questions that you’ll want to cover during your visit.

Here are 10 questions to ask your gynecologist that will help your first visit go smoothly:

1. Is there anything I can do to be more comfortable?

It’s completely normal to be nervous about your first gyno visit! But remember, it’s your OBGYN’s job to make sure you feel comfortable the entire time, not the other way around. While Flo recommended abstaining from sex and douching before your appointment, there’s really nothing else that you need to do to prepare.

Your gynecologist can also walk you through the appointment to put you more at ease

2. Is my vaginal discharge normal?

Every woman has vaginal discharge that changes due to hormones. Your gynecologist can help you understand why your discharge is different each cycle and when it may be a sign of an underlying infection.

3. Why does my vagina smell? 

As the Mayo Clinic explained, a vagina will never be completely odorless. The weather, physical activity, and even your diet can affect your pH balance leading to smells. However, abnormal odors can be a sign of an infection that your OBGYN can diagnose.

4. Should I be tested for an STD?

If you’re sexually active, it doesn’t hurt to have your gyno test for STDs. They can help you understand your risks and if and when you should be tested.

5. Is this itch something serious?

Like with any other part of your body, your vagina might be itchy sometimes. While a simple explanation can be that your pants are too tight or a bad reaction to new laundry detergent, it can also be a sign of yeast infection or STD.

Your gynecologist can help you identify why you’re itchy and suggest a solution.

6. What are my options for birth control?

Choosing birth control is definitely a personal decision. Your gyno can walk you through the options available so you can choose which method is best for you.

7. What’s this bump?

Finding a bump on your vagina might be alarming at first, but it may just be an ingrown hair. An OBGYN will be able to tell you if it’s cause for concern or something that will go away with time.

8. Why is my libido low?

Questions to ask your gynecologist expand beyond periods and your vaginal health. If your libido is low or sex is suddenly painful, your OBGYN can help you find out why.

9. Is my period regular?

Your menstrual cycle is unique, so you might have questions about what’s normal and not. If your period is especially painful, irregular, or long, you should tell your doctor so they can understand why.

10. What’s the best personal hygiene routine?

Curious about how often you should clean your vagina and what products (if any) you should use? Ask your gynecologist! They will tell you the best way to keep your vagina clean and healthy.

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