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What happens during your Well-Woman annual Ob/Gyn exam?

We think that women who dread their annual exam simply haven’t yet found the right Ob/Gyn. Your annual Well Woman Ob/Gyn visit at Viva Eve is nothing to fear, dread or worry about. Consider it one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself because it enables your doctor to catch potential problems before you actually begin experiencing symptoms. Early detection drastically improves your chances of dealing with serious medical conditions successfully.

At Viva Eve the Well-Woman Annual Ob/Gyn Exam is not just a checkmark, it is an important opportunity for a real conversation with your doctor that will help you not just get healthy, but stay healthy.

Your annual checkup at Viva Eve will include:

  • Pelvic exam including a Pap smear if you are due for one
  • An ultrasound if needed
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Discussion of women’s health topics such as birth control options and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • Refill of necessary prescriptions

You should prepare a list of questions you have for your Viva Eve doctor in advance to make sure that your conversation covers all the topics that are important to you.

Viva Eve is more than just great medicine—it’s a great medical experience. Our goal is to be a place you feel good about coming back to, whether you are here once a year or once a week. Our caring doctors will make sure that your annual Well-Woman Ob/Gyn exam is as pleasant and thorough as possible.

We will listen to all your concerns and together we will come up with the treatment plan that works for you and your unique circumstances.

What to Expect

During a thorough examination and a conversation with your Ob/Gyn, your doctor may find early signs of conditions such as:

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