New aesthetic procedures offerings support Viva Eve’s mission to provide 360° customized care tailored to women’s needs and lifestyle, at every stage of life.

Viva Eve, New York’s premier health destination offering integrated specialty care for women — from ObGyn services and fibroid treatments — under one warm and welcoming roof, adds the women’s custom skin care & aesthetic skin procedures and services at their Manhattan location. 

The first of its kind, Viva Eve offers 1-Roof Integrated Care that provides patients a single destination where they can manage all aspects related to their overall health. Currently Viva Eve features a diverse team of highly trained medical specialists in women’s health: obstetrics, gynecology, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, anesthesiology, and nutrition

Viva Eve is uniquely positioned to offer its patients a collaborative approach to the treatment of a variety of skin issues by providing both a correct diagnosis of any underlying conditions and also aesthetic skin treatments and procedures.

Viva Eve’s immediate focus with expanding into Aesthetic Skincare is offering its patients expert advice on how to deal with skin issues related to hormonal disorders like PCOS, skin conditions related to fertility treatments, skincare safety for pregnant patients or patients trying to conceive, or skin changes in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause. 

Every woman’s hormone levels change as she goes through life’s various stages and the appearance of her skin is the obvious and visible indicator of those fluctuations. 

“An increasing number of our patients are no longer willing to accept skin changes related to PCOS, pregnancy, menopause and aging as unalterable facts of life. We want to not just take care of our patients’ reproductive health, but also help them achieve optimal overall wellness. Skin health and feeling your best is a big part of that,” says Medical Director and Viva Eve’s CEO and Co-founder Dr. James Gohar.

Featured aesthetics and skin health procedures at Viva Eve include: 

  • Custom Skincare plans for hormonal disorders (PCOS) and pregnancy
  • Skincare regimen and treatments for acne and acne scarring
  • Skin rejuvenation procedures
  • Botox, Dermal Filler, Chemical Peels
  • Viva Eve’s Aesthetic and Skin Health Services department is managed by Vanesa Kodra, NCCPA Board-Certified Physician Assistant, aesthetic injector, and educator specializing in medical and cosmetic dermatology. 

Vanesa received her Bachelor of Science and Biochemistry Degree from the University of Delaware and her Master’s Degree from Pace University’s College of Health Professions’ Lenox Hill Hospital’s Physician Assistant Program. 

From ObGyn and fibroid services to aesthetic skincare, Viva Eve is reinventing women’s health with a deep partnership and comprehensive approach for each woman.

Patients can go online at to schedule their consultation at the Manhattan Flagship, centrally located on the corner of 59th Street and Madison Avenue. 

More About Viva Eve

Founded by Dr. James A. Gohar and Nehal Farouky, Viva Eve is a women’s health and fibroids center in NYC born out of one simple belief: there has to be a better way to approach women’s healthcare. A woman’s healthcare journey that was once fragmented, disjointed and rushed with multiple visits to different specialists and offices, and a lack of education on her options were unfortunately all too common. Viva Eve wanted to change that with a healthcare center that offers women a holistic approach, combined with a welcoming and comforting environment and innovative technology, all under one roof.

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