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Devin Coy Benitez is the Lead Patient Care Coordinator in the Aesthetics & Skin Health department at Viva Eve’s flagship location. She is known for going above and beyond to ensure that our patients have a smooth and enjoyable experience from their initial consultation to their follow-up care.

Devin joined the Viva Eve team after working at a renowned cosmetic and medical dermatology practice in Manhattan, where she guided patients through their own personalized treatment journeys and learned from the ground up what the New York woman expects from her cosmetic dermatology healthcare providers.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Dev moved to New York when she was 19 to begin a modeling career which spanned a decade, whilst pursuing her marketing degree. She later starred in the 2019 film Born To Be, nominated for two Emmys. Dev can’t wait to welcome you to Viva Eve Aesthetics and make sure that you feel comfortable during your visit and receive personalized and attentive service that is focused on making you look and feel your best.

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