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Dado Tandia, is a dedicated and enthusiastic Nurse Practitioner, who serves patients at Viva Eve’s offices in Manhattan and Forest Hills, Queens.

She obtained her Master’s Degree in Family Nursing from Long Island University, Brooklyn, and her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from New York College of Technology.

Dado is known for her ability to communicate clearly and effectively with her patients, to explain medical concepts in plain language, and to actively listen to patients’ concerns with kindness and compassion.

At Viva Eve Dado provides full-scope women’s health services, including gynecologic, prenatal, and postpartum visits, Pap exams, STI screening, breast exams, family planning, preconception counseling, and management of menopausal symptoms.

In addition to English and French, Dado also speaks Soninke and Bambara (African languages).

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