The labiaplasty recovery timeline varies from person to person and depends on your specific needs for the procedure, but at Viva Eve we are glad to talk to you about your unique experience with labiaplasty recovery. If you are worried about your procedure, or want to learn how painful is labiaplasty recovery, we are here to help.

How painful is labiaplasty recovery?

If you are worried about just how painful is labiaplasty recovery, you’ll be relieved to hear that while the recovery process is about six weeks long, most of labiaplasty recovery is soreness as your body heals. Your Gynecologic Surgeon will likely recommend basic pain meds and some time to rest. Like many other gynecologic related surgeries, they will also tell you that you will need to hold off from having intercourse until your body is completely healed. 

What is the labiaplasty recovery timeline?

Initially, after completing your procedure with Viva Eve you will be brought to one of our recovery suites where specialists can monitor your post-op recovery and administer any necessary treatments or medications. Our recovery suites are consistent with the rest of our high end facilities and encourage comfort and relaxation as you heal. Usually, this first phase of labiaplasty recovery takes only a few hours and you can be sent home after you start to feel more like yourself. Your gynecological specialist will prescribe medications to treat inflammation and any pain or discomfort you may feel in the upcoming weeks. 

After you are able to go home, your labiaplasty recovery timeline will be around six weeks before being able to return to your regular activities and sex life. In just the first couple of weeks, you will likely be feeling more like yourself and will be able to participate in mild exercise at this early stage. When it comes to how painful is labiaplasty recovery, it varies from person to person. Your Viva Eve specialist will prescribe medications to help manage pain but you can expect some soreness and swelling as the sensitive area heals. 

If you feel as though your labia are swollen in the first six weeks, this is normal. It can take anywhere between four to eight weeks for swelling to go all the way down and it is not unusual for it to last a little while longer after that. You may not see the full results of your procedure until towards the end of the six to eight week period. If you’re worried that your labia are too swollen, sore, or if the swelling doesn’t seem to be going down, be sure to check in with your Viva Eve expert and express any symptoms or concerns. 

Labiaplasty recovery and your sex life

Of the many reasons people seek out labiaplasty, it is very common for at least one of those reasons to in some way be related to their sex lives. Since this surgery directly impacts this area, it natural to have a lot of sex related questions.

You may be curious about this cosmetic surgery and about the labiaplasty recovery timeline for having intercourse again. While each person heals differently, you can expect to wait for at least a month before engaging in any kind of sexual activity, especially sexual intercourse or any other kind of sex that involves penetration. The skin around the vagina, including the labia, are delicate tissues that need time to fully heal and to allow for swelling to go down.

Likely, after the usual six week recovery period, you can safely resume sexual activities. It’s possible for you and your partner to engage in gentle play or stimulation around the vulva or clitoris before the six week period, but it’s important to make sure you are healing properly and that you follow the guidelines your Gynecological Surgeon recommended. 

When you do resume your sexual activities, be sure to take it easy. If you’re participating in solo play, move with caution and listen to your body. If you are with a partner, be sure to communicate beforehand what you feel comfortable with and remind them that you may need to go easy and take a break at some point. While six full weeks of abstaining from sex can seem like a long time for some, many patients feel that it is worth the wait. 

After you are completely healed from your procedure, it is common to feel extra sensitivity “down there” in a way that brings heightened pleasure along with increased sexual confidence. It is not uncommon to find that orgasams are easier to achieve after healing from labiaplasty since the clitoral head is more exposed. So while labiaplasty recovery might have a few weeks worth of recovery involved, it is clearly well worth the wait to feel more confident, sexy, and to improve your sex life. 

After Labiaplasty, how long until I can…

It might be obvious, but talking about something as personal as labiaplasty can feel a little awkward. You might feel as though you have very strange questions for your Viva Eve specialist that you are embarrassed to ask. We want to remind you that your specialist is a medical professional and has heard it all. Our clinical team is highly certified, lauded, and prepared to answer even the seemingly weird questions. Any question you have about the labiaplasty recovery timeline is a good question and might be more important than you think. 

You may have questions like, after labiaplasty, how long until I can shave or groom “that area?” For this, the answer is usually around a month but your Gynecological Surgeon will be the best one to ask for your specific circumstances. Another personal question you may have is having a bath or swimming. You will want to wait until the area is mostly healed before soaking in water but oftentimes you can take a bath after a couple of weeks. Whatever your question might be, our team is ready to answer. 

Who should have labiaplasty surgery?

At Viva Eve, we feel that labiaplasty surgery can be for anyone, but maybe isn’t for everyone —  meaning that while anyone with a vagina can benefit from labiaplasty, maybe not everyone wants to. This cosmetic surgery is a personal decision and only you get to decide if it’s a procedure you want to go through. We are advocates of ensuring you have all the information you want or need to support you in making an educated choice about your body. 

What should I expect after healing? 

After healing completely from labiaplasty surgery, any discomfort, pain, swelling, inflammation, or soreness should be gone and you will be able to see the full results of your procedure. After complete recovery, not only will the appearance of your labia have changed, but as mentioned before the sensitivity will be different. Often, sensitivity is heightened and orgasms are easier to achieve since the area is often more exposed. 

If you have children after a labiaplasty procedure it’s possible your body might change again after childbirth. Often, the changes are minor but we normally suggest completing your family planning before having the procedure done so the results can be long lasting. 

Age is often a factor for why many choose to have labiaplasty in the first place. Depending on your age when you have the procedure, it is still possible for sagging to occur in your later years which is very natural. Typically, after the procedure even natural aging or sagging is far less than usual. 

The most important part about your labiaplasty recovery is making sure that you follow your specialists specific instructions for aftercare. These instructions are unique to your personal care needs and take priority over any other instructions you may find online. If you have questions, be sure to reach out to us, we’re here for you.

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