Depending on your condition, your Viva Eve specialist may have a number of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery options to choose from that can help treat your specific condition; but what is minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and what are the advantages? Understanding minimally invasive gynecological surgery can help you and your specialist decide which treatment option is best for you. 

What is minimally invasive gynecologic surgery like?

Like many outpatient procedures, the advantages of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery mean that sometimes the procedure can be performed in an examination room instead of in the operating room. If your doctor does recommend a hospital stay, it is rarely beyond an overnight stay. At Viva Eve, we offer several types of procedures that are minimally invasive and offer relief and results. 

Depending on the specific procedure, you will have minor incisions made, if any. This allows a faster recovery time and a lower chance of infection. 

Examples of Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery

One example of a minimally invasive gynecologic surgery is an Operative Hysteroscopy which uses a tube that enters through the vagina to examine the cervix and find the cause of your symptoms. This procedure can be used to remove fibroids, polyps, IUD’s or adhesions and might be recommended by your specialist if you are experiencing abnormal cramping, difficulty conceiving, or irregular menstrual cycles. 

Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is another minimally invasive procedure that we use at Viva Eve to treat fibroids. During this procedure a specialist, known as a Interventional Radiologist, uses a catheter tube in the wrist or groin through a very minor incision. Through the use of dye and an x-ray the specialist can then see the arteries and can cut off blood supply to the fibroids which causes them to shrink and disappear over time.

Advanced procedures like Laparoscopic Assisted Abdominal Myomectomy (LAAM) is another form of minimally invasive procedure that removes fibroids and leaves the uterus intact. Two small incisions are made at the belly and bikini line. Scarring is minimal, recovery is quick, and this procedure is less likely to require an overnight stay. 

Advantages of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery

These surgeries involve smaller incisions, quicker recovery times, less time in the hospital, and less time in discomfort after the procedure. These qualities help define what is minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and what isn’t. A faster recovery time means using less sick days at work and a more speedy return to doing the things you love. 

These types of surgeries can be an easy decision to make when it means you can get back to the life you want to live sooner while still achieving the results you need.

Other advantages of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery include techniques that mean a safer procedure for you. Smaller incisions mean an even lower chance of infection or other surgical complications. It also means shorter hospital stays and less time being monitored by your specialist. Most minimally invasive procedures are outpatient surgeries where you can heal in the comfort of your own home. 

The disadvantages are that while these less invasive techniques can often treat the cause and symptoms, not all of them do. There are a few that offer temporary relief for months to years. While that might be a great option for some who are unable or unwilling to undergo an invasive surgery right away, you might want to find a more permanent solution. It is best to talk with your Viva Eve specialist to see which option is best for you in the phase of life you are in. 

Ultimately, we recommend asking your doctor what is minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and if one of these procedures is right for you. The lower risk and faster healing time are great perks, but more aggressive treatment options might be best to ensure you have a full and lasting recovery.

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