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Meet Your Clinical Team

We handle all female health care needs under one roof with an expert team of specialists who empower you on your health care journey.

Best in class women’s health doctors that work with you to manage your health.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your female health with gynecologist and OB doctor appointments that include ultrasounds, lab tests, and patient education.

When you talk, we listen. Our personalized patient approach is designed to give every woman a genuinely better medical experience.

Our unique multidisciplinary approach ensures that whatever health concern may pop up, you get the care you deserve from our best gynecologists.

Our Doctors

Nurse Practitioners and Wellness Team

Clinical Team Leaders

Our Women’s Health Doctors

Our diverse team of top-rated women’s health doctors, specialists and nurses are driven by care and compassion to provide a genuinely better medical experience. 

Based in New York City, “finding a gynecologist near me” has never been simpler. Whether you’re looking to find a gynecologist or an ObGyn doctor, we offer integrated specialty care—from ObGyn services to fibroid treatments—under one warm and welcoming roof.  

Humanized Personal Care 

There is no “cookie cutter” approach, and to us, each woman is an individual. Your visits with our best ObGyn doctors are based on thorough examinations plus evaluating each woman’s medical history. While technology is important, we believe a woman’s reproductive health can only be accurately evaluated through in-person testing, ultrasounds and communication. 

Empowering the Patient

Our philosophy is to guide and empower each of our patients through doctor-led medical advice and technology. 

Candid Honesty 

Patients receive thorough facts and candid conversation about procedures and treatment options. 

Diversity is our Jam 

Whether you’re looking for a nearby gynecologist in NYC or a female gynecologist near me, look no further than Viva Eve. Born in Forest Hills, Queens, our teams and patients reflect the diversity of our origins. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our staff, with 10+ languages spoken and over 26 nationalities represented. 

Ready to be empowered to live a longer, better life? Book with the best ObGyn doctors now.

Experience the New Standard for Women's Wellness