Reasons to get labiaplasty are unique to each person. Your reason could be genetics, changes in your body caused by childbearing, age, or something else. Discomfort can also be a reason to learn about the benefits of labiaplasty. If you are active it’s possible that you feel uncomfortable “down there” while trying to do yoga, run, bike, or participate in sports. It’s also possible that you are just unhappy with the appearance of your labia. Your reasons to get labiaplasty are personal and our Viva Eve specialists are prepared to walk you through each step along the way and to help you feel confident.

What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of the labia. Often, this is done by making the labia symmetrical, correcting abnormalities, or by decreasing their size. What is the purpose of labiaplasty? The reasons to get labiaplasty, or the purpose of changing the size and shape of your labia, can vary from comfort to aesthetics. It is a procedure that is becoming more common and has a 95% satisfaction rate. 

Reasons to get labiaplasty

As we mentioned before, your reasons to get labiaplasty are unique to you and any reason is valid. What is the purpose of labiaplasty? Some common reasons to get labiaplasty are often tied to discomfort or to changes in the body. Our Viva Eve specialists are board certified gynecologists as well as cosmetic surgeons. This means that in addition to your gynecologic specialist understanding what your cosmetic goals are, they also have an educated background in women’s sexual health. After consulting with your Viva Eve Cosmetic Gynecologist, we will discuss with you details of the procedure as well as aftercare so that you can experience the full benefits of labiaplasty. 


After childbirth, it is very normal for your body, including your vagina, vulva, and labia, to change. The labia can either shrink or grow in size after childbirth and scarring can sometimes occur from tearing. While some of these changes are temporary, permanent changes can be uncomfortable or undesired. The benefits of labiaplasty post-childbirth such as reducing the size of the labia for comfort or resolving size differences can be just some of the many reasons to get labiaplasty. 


Among the reasons to get labiaplasty, age is a common one. There is nothing unusual about labia sagging as you age but it might feel uncomfortable and it might impact your confidence in the bedroom. This is another way the benefits of labiaplasty can help build confidence and potentially improve day to day comfort. 


Just as it’s normal for childbirth and age to change the vaginal area, it’s also normal for enlarged, uneven, or abnormal labia to be part of your anatomy. 

7 Benefits of Labiaplasty

While labiaplasty is considered a cosmetic surgery, there are several benefits of labiaplasty other than just cosmetic. The procedure can be helpful to improve not just appearance but comfort, hygiene, and confidence. If you want to answer the question, what is the purpose of labiaplasty, it’s important to first understand your personal needs and reasons which are unique and specific to you. We have put together seven common reasons to get labiaplasty, but even if your reason for wanting labiaplasty isn’t listed here, it’s still valid and at Viva Eve, we want to help you any way we can. 

Increased performance in athletics

If the labia are large enough, they can cause chaffing, become folded, and can cause discomfort when running, cycling, wearing fitted clothing like yoga pants, or when doing other athletic movements and activities. Decreasing the size can make a great difference in comfort if you are more athletic and can be one of the many good reasons to get labiaplasty. 

General Comfort

Even if you don’t consider yourself athletic, everyday comfort when sitting for long periods of time at your desk, commuting, or just walking can be uncomfortable. Your everyday comfort is one of many good reasons to get labiaplasty. 


What is the purpose of labiaplasty for hygiene? Basically larger labia can cause hygenic issues like infections because of the difficulty of cleaning the folds of skin. Some even experience difficulty urinating because of the excessive skin. Labiaplasty can resolve this issue which can decrease the likelihood of developing UTIs or yeast infections.

Sexual confidence

Feeling insecure about your body can negatively affect your self confidence but particularly if it involves the vaginal area. One of the benefits of labiaplasty for many people is that this cosmetic surgery improves the appearance of the vulva. 

Increased sexual pleasure

Another one of the benefits of labiaplasty is that the procedure tends to leave the vulva more exposed and therefore more sensitive. Many who have had the procedure done say that they feel that their sexual pleasure increases after healing. 

Comfort in fitted clothing

Similar to the general benefits of labiaplasty is the comfort and appearance of wearing fitted clothing. Yoga pants, bathing suits, and fitted dresses can all feel more comfortable and it is less likely for the labia to be noticeable under tight clothing after this cosmetic surgery. 

Improved appearance

 Of all the many reasons to get labiaplasty, many decide to have the procedure done just to improve the appearance. 

What is the purpose of labiaplasty 

What is the purpose of labiaplasty? The purpose varies from person to person and while comfort, pleasure, and cosmetics can influence those decisions, at Viva Eve we want to talk to you in depth about your own reasons to get labiaplasty. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 

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