Viva Eve is thrilled to announce the opening of our new highly advanced fibroid surgical center in Astoria, Queens. Our new center is dedicated to treating women with fibroids and performing minimally invasive procedures. “Our new state-of-the-art interventional radiology and gynecology procedure center was designed to provide a space where patients can undergo life-changing innovative procedures that provide lasting symptom relief,” says Dr. James A. Gohar, CEO and Founder of Viva Eve. 

Women with fibroids are often misdiagnosed or aren’t informed of all the available options for treatment. As a result, many fibroid patients believe hysterectomies are the only option available when there are less drastic treatments. Over the last five years, Viva Eve has become known as The Fibroid ExpertsTM.  The doctors have treated thousands of fibroid patients. “We empower women to take control of their own health by providing a wider array of uterine fibroid treatment options because of our mutli-disciplinary approach. Each patient is the true decision maker for their body and plays an active role in living and feeling better,” says Dr. Gohar.

With a dedicated operating room specifically designed for UFE procedures, Viva Eve’s new 2,000 square foot suite is optimized for radiologist specialists to deliver more precise and efficient fibroid care. “We are able to perform minimally invasive procedures with less risk that optimize patient comfort and impact outcomes for patients’ quality of life,” says Director of Interventional Radiology, Dr. Mohammad Bilal.

Exterior of Viva Eve's Astoria Surgical Center Location

Viva Eve’s center of expertise for fibroids includes advanced technology, including the new GE OEC One fluoroscopy, a device that is widely used during vascular procedures that allows specialists to see inside the body and bring images closer to the surgical field with a greater range of motion. This increases patient safety and leads to better performance outcomes. Point-of-care GE ultrasound machines also offer superb imaging capabilities.

Our fully renovated pre-operative and recovery rooms provide individual patient privacy and comfort to allow patients to recover and be closely monitored post-procedure. Patient recovery rooms are equipped with tablets and flat-screen TVs and individually controlled lighting and music. All beds also include patient warming devices (The Bair Hugger system) to keep them at a comfortable body temperature.  Our warm and welcoming friends and family waiting room features refreshments, beverages, entertainment, as well as free WiFi. 

Viva Eve’s Astoria procedure center is centrally located between Queens and Manhattan, offering easy access for patients with on-site parking available. The center is accessible via public transit (the R train) and is located just minutes away from Grand Central Parkway if you are traveling by car. “The addition of this location is a significant milestone in our mission to empower women to be active in their own health journeys,” says Dr. Gohar. “Their preferences and reproductive plans don’t have to take a backseat to living a full and productive life.”

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