First off – the space! Beautiful!!! The light blue chairs had me googling all evening following my appointment. Second, the intake staff, warm and friendly, yet leave you to take a moment to sit before your appointment which was really nice after rushing from work. Finally, Devin and Vanesa, the perfect aesthetics combination. I felt heard, comfortable in what our plan was (including the things I’d not considered that turns out perfectly bring it all together), and for me especially that my budget was important to them that they respected it. Devin was super informative, knowledgeable and fun. She prepped me mentally and physically, and was a continuous support along the way. Now Vanesa…I’ve dabbled in Botox since I was 21, and while I appreciate price points will typically reflect the “art” (i.e. Groupon never a good idea) I didn’t quite appreciate the subtle difference between the top of the top. This is the best I ever experienced and so far we’ve just done forehead and crows feet. I’m excited for our next step and feel really confident that I’ll still look like me, something I’ve always strived for with injectable’s. She’s the female da Vinci, surely who has an art degree alongside her medical one. Stay tuned!

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