Honestly, this was the most incredible and personable experience I’ve ever had at a GYN office. The aesthetics alone make you feel like you’re in a spa instead of a doctors office. Everything is luxurious, clean and well kept. You can honestly get lost alone in just the ambiance. It was so appreciated how the medical assistant personally came over to greet me, opposed to yelling my name across a waiting room like other offices. They’ve paid attention to great detail in this office, to make each patient as comfortable and cared for as possible. Dr. Drosinos, the medical assistant, Jasmin, and the ultrasound tech, Jessica, were PHENOMENAL!! The level of care and service I received today was top-notch. They made me feel so welcoming and comfortable, even when discussing some really difficult topics. The front desk staff was swift, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. I’ll travel near and far to be treated at this facility again. 10 stars!!

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