As a physician and founder, my mission for Viva Eve is a reflection of the values on which our company was founded more than 30 years ago – deliver empowering, personalized care for women. 

My mother, who founded our Queens location, recently joined me at 635 Madison Ave., where we’re breaking new ground at our flagship location in Midtown East.

Looking back, her example of uncompromising service inspired me to take up a position in medicine myself – and that path would eventually lead me back home. When I took ownership of her Ob/Gyn practice, I advanced it even further to become a one-stop destination where women can manage all aspects of their overall health. 

Today, we enter Manhattan and Viva Eve is a women’s health destination that provides patients with in-house access to women’s health specialists outside of the traditional Ob/Gyn space – from fibroids to fertility.

We’ve come a long way since 1986 – and we’re taking our mission to the heart of New York City. We hope you’ll join us and our best-in-class team of women’s health specialists for a one of a kind patient experience.


Dr. James A. Gohar, Co-Founder & CEO

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