At Viva Eve, we offer an empowering, integrated approach to fibroid treatment. Our mission – to give every woman a genuinely better medical experience – led us to think more holistically about the journey of our fibroid patients and the unique ways we can best support them, which we’ve named Fibroid 360™. 

Fibroid 360™

“Our Fibroid 360™ care is unique in how the patients receive multi-disciplinary services by the providers, supported by our teams through all of their treatment options,” says CEO and Founder Dr. James A. Gohar. “This perfectly captures how we can offer patients the convenience of more services in-house as well as a nutritionist and primary care doctor that we are soon hiring. It conveys how holistically we are thinking about the patient’s needs throughout the fibroid journey.”

Care that’s customized just for you 

Through our proprietary process, fibroid patients receive 360° of customized care facilitated by our team of multi-disciplinary experts. No longer do patients have to bounce from specialist to specialist to seek answers about her health. All of her needs can be met at one single destination, where she is provided a tailored health plan by the team that knows her best. 

Dedicated concierge

Key to the journey is our Patient Concierge Team (PCT), who shepherd patients throughout the treatment process. “Our role is to ensure our patients receive the support they need for success,” says PCT Lead Liz Gayosso. “We’re the first point of contact for patients and stay with them throughout their journey. We support them through multiple appointments, surgical procedures and internal/external appointments.”

Whether a patient is struggling with recurring fibroids or treating her fibroids for the first time, our team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional patient experience through our Fibroid 360™ services. Hear from our patients who have gone fibroid-free. If you’re ready to join, schedule a consultation at our Forest Hills or Manhattan office by clicking the button below.

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