Whether they’re caused by weight gain, pregnancy or heredity, stretch marks can pop
up in numerous sites on the body (think stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks – even breasts)
and chip away at our confidence. No matter how fit we are, catching sight of
stretch marks in the mirror is never easy.

Luckily, there’s an excellent stretch marks treatment offered at Viva Eve: microneedling.
During this minimally invasive, almost zero-downtime procedure, your Viva Eve provider, Vanesa Kodra PA-C, uses a pen-like tool, tipped with tiny needles, to create microscopic punctures below the skin’s surface. Those microscopic punctures in turn trigger the body’s natural healing process, boosting collagen production and elasticity to reveal brighter, firmer and smoother skin.

Yes, it’s true; creating micro-injuries in the skin is one of the best stretch marks
treatments available in the esthetics arena. And in the highly trained hands of a Viva
Eve practitioner, microneedling stretch marks is a safe, trusted procedure with a stellar
track record.

More About Stretch Marks (And Why Potions & Lotions Don’t Work)

It’s been estimated that anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of the population has at least a
few stretch marks. Even teenagers undergoing a rapid growth spurt may start to see the
tell-tale bands of lines and skin indentations cropping up.

While it’s comforting to know stretch marks are extremely common, it isn’t especially fun
to learn that a very ubiquitous stretch marks treatment – slathering on creams – typically
doesn’t do much beyond moisturizing and softening the skin.

According to a study for the British Journal of Dermatology, that’s because the problem
literally lies much deeper – as in the skin’s elastic fiber – than any topically applied
solution can address.

That’s where microneedling for stretch marks enters the equation. In fact, microneedling
is even effective for “late” stretch marks, i.e., the ones that have been hanging around
long after pregnancy or major weight fluctuations are in the rear-view mirror. Although
stretch marks happen because the skin is stretched rapidly, they can take years – even
decades — to fade on their own. Why not speed up that process with a Viva Eve
microneedling session?

Before, During & After Your Microneedling Stretch Marks Procedure

Anxious to know what to expect before, during and after your microneedling treatment?
Read on…

Before Treatment

To get the most out of your microneedling for stretch marks procedure, there are a few
ways to prep for best results:

  • Avoid: Sun exposure (unless you’re wearing a very strong sunscreen, preferably 50+ SPF); hair removal; exfoliants. This is to prevent irritation prior to treatment.
  • Reschedule: If you’re experiencing an active skin infection or breakout, such as a cold sore, hives, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or acne, it’s best to rebook your appointment.
  • Take A Break: Seven days prior to treatment, please stop using retinoid and acid-based skincare. The use of blood-thinning medication is also to be temporarily avoided before microneedling.

During Treatment

Because discomfort levels vary from patient to patient, we at Viva Eve like to err on the
side of caution. Translation? Expect to be numbed with our topical numbing agent for a
full 30 minutes prior to your microneedling stretch marks treatment.

As the microneedling pen is moved around, making microscopic pin pricks in the
designated area, most patients feel a warm, scratching sensation. Typically, the
treatment lasts about 30 minutes, although the session could last longer if the targeted
area is large.

After Treatment

Again, every patient is individual, and post-treatment skin reactions differ. However,
most patients should expect the skin in the treated area to be flushed or bright red,
similar to a moderate sunburn. Some patients may also experience flaking or peeling
skin, small red spots, light bruising and mild swelling that lasts for several days during
the healing process.

In addition to detailed instructions provided by your Viva Eve clinician, patients are
typically also advised to…

  • Avoid hot water, steam, excessive heat, heat and direct sunlight
  • Wash with tepid water and gentle soap
  • Use high quality, hypoallergenic moisturizers to minimize skin irritation
  • Skip scrubbing and exfoliation until skin’s had time to heal
  • Steer clear of acid-based or otherwise “active” skincare products

As for the results of microneedling stretch marks treatments, know that they aren’t
instant, but begin to appear as the body repairs the affected area. Most patients start
seeing some results within a week and full results within four to six weeks.

Another key need-to-know is that one session will likely not be sufficient to fully treat
stretch marks, particularly the more stubborn ones that have been present for a while.
Should you require follow-up treatments, they’ll be spaced roughly six weeks apart to
ensure maximize healing and skin rejuvenation has occurred.

But with a little patience, dedication to your before and after care and the expertise of
your Viva Eve practitioner, stretch marks may soon be a faded memory.

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