Everything You Need to Know About a Vaginoplasty

The body is a temple, and nothing should prevent you from feeling a sense of intimacy and wholeness with your own self. Our Viva Eve doctors and team members heavily prioritize the feeling of self-confidence and mental wellness that comes from our transformative cosmetic gynecology procedures.  

Some patients are looking to feel refreshed and restored after suffering injuries after childbirth. Vaginoplasty surgery can repair vaginal walls, restore strength to weakened pelvic floors, and tighten key areas of the vagina for better comfort. A vaginoplasty can also look like a complete creation of a new vagina using existing genetic tissue. This is often a gender-affirming and life-affirming process that can greatly improve someone’s outlook on life. 

How does vaginoplasty work? Is the procedure safe? Are you a good candidate for this kind of surgery? Everything you need to know about a vaginoplasty is highlighted in our brief FAQ below!

How Does Vaginoplasty Work? 

Vaginoplasty surgery can either repair or construct the vagina. Depending on the type of surgery you need, our surgical specialists perform a variety of different techniques. Here you’ll find a breakdown of each: 

Vaginoplasty for Vaginal Restoration

Pregnancy and childbirth can result in the collapse of the vaginal walls or a weakened set of muscles. Vaginoplasty surgeries often seek to reshape and restructure the vagina to help you gain back your strength. It also helps you create a more visually appealing vaginal area. This is done through a surgical incision and the removal of excess vaginal tissue.

Am I a Good Candidate for Vaginoplasty Surgery? 

Candidates often doubt that they are a good fit for something as transformative and helpful as vaginoplasty. Since our mission is to center care and compassion in everything we do, it’s important that you feel like you belong here. We will help you understand that good candidates are those who: 

  • Are seeking reconstructive care after injury or trauma due to childbirth
  • Need a healing procedure after undergoing cancer treatment or other harmful treatments in the area 
  • Have been born with a congenital condition and require surgery to provide relief, comfort, and visual satisfaction 
  • Are transgender and gender non-conforming, and who are looking to reshape their genitals to relieve the crushing feelings of dysphoria 
  • Are looking for an affirming, confidence-boosting procedure 

If you are looking for alternative vaginal rejuvenation procedures, you may want to consider a labiaplasty or a vulvoplasty. You can schedule a consultation with us to find out which procedure is perfect for you.

Is Vaginoplasty Safe? Is Vaginoplasty Painful?

Vaginoplasty surgeries are safe when performed by a surgeon with experience and compassion towards your goals. This type of surgery requires anesthesia, as it is an invasive procedure; because of that, there are a few risks associated with it. Namely, bleeding and infection. 

During the recovery process, you are expected to feel some pain. Whether your vagina is brand-new or you are dealing with reconstruction, it might get uncomfortable as your tissues weave themselves back together. While pain may persist for 1-2 weeks, your doctor will prescribe a safe treatment to help you manage your levels of discomfort. 

What are the Pre-Op Requirements for a Vaginoplasty?

As soon as you are scheduled for your vaginoplasty procedure, you will be given a list of custom-tailored instructions and preparation steps for you to follow. You may be asked to avoid heavy exercise and intimate sexual activity for days leading up to the procedure. If you smoke or drink, you will want to stop those habits well before your surgery date. You might be given a special kind of soap to wash with in the shower. 

Always speak directly with your medical professional so you have the best idea of what to expect. We want this to be a happy and exciting process, so you can feel good about this new chapter of your life. 

What is the Post-Op Process Like? 

The road to recovery will be laid out by your personalized care team immediately following your procedure. It may be best to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise and be careful when you sit down. You should try not to engage in sexual intercourse for several months, as your vagina can take a long time to heal. 

Some discharge is expected in the first few weeks following the procedure. You should wash your body very carefully during the healing process, making sure to wash your hands before you touch the treatment area. If you experience unusual amounts of pain, nausea, or weakness, make sure to get in touch with us ASAP. 

How Do I Schedule a Consultation for Vaginoplasty Surgery? 

At Viva Eve, we make all of our services accessible and affordable. We want you to have a rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling more connected with yourself than ever before. We see the most joyful parts of you and want to uplift you through our innovative and comprehensive plans of care. Get in touch with us through a personal consultation, and we will connect you with a vaginoplasty treatment that just feels right.

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