As a nurse and mom of two, Wendy decided to get serious about her health and look for a fibroid specialist for treatment, when on one hot day in August 2020, a health scare led her to the E.R.

“I had been experiencing a prolonged period and had been bleeding for about 12 days. I was having a really difficult time breathing, and when I left my home for an appointment with my two year old daughter, I ended up fainting in the elevator.”

Wendy was consequently hospitalized at North Shore Manhasset and taken to the ER, where she was transfused with 3 units of blood. It turned out that Wendy had 9 fibroids – and she decided it was time to be evaluated by a specialist.

She googled ‘fibroid specialists’ and discovered Viva Eve. “After doing some research and reading the good patient reviews, I gave them a call and I was able to get scheduled in less than 24 hours. I was seen by Dr. Gohar, and the rest is the best.”

She describes her experience with Dr. Gohar as outstanding. “He was empathetic, caring, listened to me, and focused on education. He also created a treatment plan for me, and prescribed Lysteda to reduce the days of my period until I could be treated.”

In November of 2020, Wendy underwent the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure – a minimally invasive procedure that dramatically reduces fibroid symptoms by blocking blood flow to the fibroids. As a whole, she says the UFE procedure was very effective – but found recovery to be difficult.

“I do think that the UFE process is definitely worth it. The downside is pain and pain management, but I feel that with proper pain management, it’s so rewarding.” Viva Eve’s team checks on patients daily for the first 3 days following the UFE procedure to help address pain or complications.

Looking back, Wendy’s life is very different these days. “Now I am free of extended periods, I do not experience pain anymore, and I no longer struggle with incontinence — or painful sex. I think it’s very important for women to know that the UFE is an option. It’s a great option, and it’ll change your life.”

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