Nehal Farouky, Co-founder and President of Viva Eve was recently interviewed by Maria Dorfner of BOLDTV Health about what sets Viva Eve apart from other fibroid clinics.

“At our practice, we’ve designed a truly inclusive care process that provides patients with empathy, support, education, and a wide range of treatment options,” says Nehal. “Our commitment to deliver quality in everything we do is reflected not only during the patient’s time with their doctor, but in all areas of our patient experience.”

Fibroids are abnormal uterine growths that develop in more than half of the female population in the U.S. by age 50. Mild fibroid symptoms can give way to more serious medical conditions. While they’re rarely life-threatening, fibroids can make life uncomfortable to say the least, causing:

  • Heavy, prolonged or painful periods with or without clotting.
  • Moderate to severe menstrual cramps.
  • Irregular monthly bleeding or spotting, bleeding between periods, unpredictable menstrual cycles.
  • Pain during sex and loss of libido. 
  • Difficulty conceiving or infertility. 
  • Pelvic pressure; distended and bloated abdomen.
  • Weak bladder control or frequent urination because of bladder pressure.
  • Anemia (low blood count) that can lead to a lack of energy and fatigue.
  • Lower back pain and pain in the back of the legs. 
  • Constipation.

Women are most susceptible to getting uterine fibroids when they are of childbearing age. Unfortunately, research indicates that on average, women wait 3.5 years before seeking help. The scope of this unspoken problem was what inspired the practice to integrate a personable, warm, comforting ethos.  

Viva Eve’s empathic approach to patient care can be felt within their office space. From waiting room to consultation rooms, patients are treated to a spa-like atmosphere with thoughtful, modern touches.

“When we originally set up our practice, our first goal was to design a space that patients enjoy being in,” says Nehal. “We know that going to an Ob/Gyn isn’t the most fun activity, so we did what we could to alleviate that stress.” 

In addition to the office’s pleasant amenities, patients are examined in state-of-the-art consultation rooms. Tablets and medical touch screens are used to educate patients and explain different procedures. Certain diagnostic testing is also done in-office, such as sonograms, bloodwork, biopsies, and pap smears.

Apart from the amenities offered at their facility, Viva Eve’s team of fibroid experts work together to give patients more choices than most standard Ob/Gyn offices. They offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options so that each woman can choose the right treatment according to her needs.

“Our unique combination of doctors from different specialties allows us to provide each patient with an individualized treatment plan that suits their needs. It’s hard for other clinics to have the same perspective as a group of experts dedicated to treating fibroids.” 

Throughout the treatment process, patient care is coordinated, tracked and managed by Viva Eve’s Patient Concierge Team. This specially trained team onboards patients and remains closely involved in moving the patient along the funnel to success. “Our patient concierge members are truly there to assist patients in any way possible,” says Nehal. “They will check to find out the insurance details of prospective patients, address questions and concerns, and touch base with patients between visits.”

Currently, Viva Eve has one location in Forest Hills, Queens – but expansion is on the horizon, with plans to move to Manhattan this year. “Our mission is to provide as many women as we can with the support and care they need to regain control of their lives,” says Nehal. “By adding a location in Manhattan, we hope to provide women across the tri-state area with greater access to fibroid treatment.”

By putting patients first, Viva Eve has become renowned for the level of care they offer.

Call 212-988-2111 to schedule a free phone consultation with our Patient Concierge Team or book your appointment with us below.

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