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Tsarina Garcia

Nurse Practitioner

Tsarina Garcis

About Tsarina Garcia, NP

Tsarina Garcia, NP is a Nurse Practitioner who provides a wide range of health care services at Viva Eve. Tasi renders well-women care and manages and treats a broad scope of obstetric and gynecological conditions. She also evaluates laboratory test results, rendering therapeutic treatment if needed. Tsarina works with her patients on maintaining health and wellness over the long term, tailoring patient education to each individual.


Prior to joining Viva Eve, Tsarina spent several years as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at North Shore University Hospital, where she was responsible for the direct care of pregnant and/or laboring patients, specifically those with high risk and/or complicated pregnancies. Her experience working in a variety of clinical settings has allowed her to gain a deep domain of knowledge and strong sense of empathy for all her patients.

My Approach To Care

We strive to be an extension of every patient’s family. We are the community in which we serve, and the community is us.

Experience the New Standard for Women's Wellness