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Nehal Farouky

Co-Founder and President of Viva Eve
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About Me

Nehal is a trained psychologist and therapist with a deep understanding of patient and customer care.

In 2016, Nehal founded Viva Eve alongside her husband, Dr. James Gohar, as a joint effort to provide women with greater access to specialized fibroid care. Motivated to help women achieve emotional, physical, and mental relief from their fibroids, Nehal took a firm hand in designing the practice. Under her direction, Viva Eve became a supportive, inviting space where women can receive individualized care and education on all their treatment options.

Since 2016, the business has grown tremendously, and Viva Eve’s model of education, support, and empowering women has become its calling card, with many patients coming from near and far to receive treatment. As Viva Eve has evolved throughout the years, Nehal has always remained focused on educating and empowering the women who reach out to us. Her goal is for Viva Eve to help as many women as possible to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Nehal Farouky Viva Eve was born out of one simple belief: that there has to be a better way to approach women's healthcare. A patient's healthcare journey was fragmented, disjoined - rushed doctors, multiple visits to different specialists and offices, and a lack of education on her options were unfortunately all too common - we wanted to change that.

Experience the New Standard for Women's Wellness