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Tamsin Jordan

Registered Dietitian (RD)

About Tamsin Jordan

Tamsin Jordan is an experienced Registered Dietitian (RD) who is passionate about helping Viva Eve’s patients improve their health by making sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.


She is an expert in analyzing patients’ health status, goals, and dietary restrictions, and educating them on how to maintain a balanced diet. Her nutritional advice is evidence-backed, realistic, focuses on eating ‘real’ food, and always takes into consideration each individual patient’s personality, background, schedule, and cultural beliefs. 


Tammy’s areas of expertise include: 


  • Nutritional Advice/Meal Plans for Women of All Ages
  • Creating individualized strategies to reach the patients’ health and weight management goals. Helping patients optimize their dietary habits to manage symptoms of PMS, PCOS, fibroids, adenomyosis, menopause, and other chronic or non-chronic conditions.
  • Planning for a Healthy Pregnancy and Nutrition During Pregnancy
  • Providing nutritional advice for fertility concerns, optimal reproductive health, nutrition during pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions such as gestational diabetes. 
  • Fourth Trimester Nutrition for New Moms
  • Healing and nourishing your body after pregnancy, weight management strategies, postpartum hormone balance and eating for nursing success.

Tammy is well known for being a great listener, for her empathetic and friendly demeanor, and for her ability to encourage her patients to keep up with their nutrition and health goals.


Tammy received her Bachelor of Science at the University of Durham in the UK and her Masters in Nutrition at Hunter College in New York City.


Tammy has worked in numerous healthcare settings, including hospitals and other women’s health practices in New York City. She is also a regular contributor to top nutrition and wellness-related articles and blogs for several health publications. 

My Approach To Care

We believe in collaboration, education and empathy. We work with our patients on any issues they may have, we educate them on what is happening in order to empower them, and we make sure they never face it alone.

Experience the New Standard for Women's Wellness