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Women’s Wellness Services

We recognize that women’s wellness is more than just medical care. That’s why we’re introducing a wide range of personalized women’s wellness services designed to make you feel your best and live your healthiest life.

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Making your health and wellness needs easier to manage than ever before

Through our integrated, personalized approach to care for women, we take into account how nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, stress management and mental stability can play a role in a woman’s overall health. And that includes access to physical, mental, and emotional health care. With that, we are launching additional women’s wellness services to enrich your well-being.

Our Customized Nutrition and Wellness Program

Nutrition services are now at Viva Eve! Tamsin Jordan, RD, is our experienced in-house Registered Dietitian. She is passionate about helping Viva Eve’s patients to improve their health through a highly individualized approach that yields sustainable results and supports life-long changes.

Some of the ways Tamsin’s evidence-backed nutritional advice can help you include:

  • You’d like to optimize your dietary habits to manage symptoms related to PMS, PCOS, fibroids, adenomyosis, menopause, and other chronic and non-chronic conditions 
  • You’re a new mom looking to heal and nourish your body with proper nutritional guidance, including eating for breastfeeding/lactation success, postpartum hormone imbalance, and weight loss.
  • You are either planning or in the process of starting a family and looking for advice on weight loss, fertility concerns, optimal reproductive nutritional guidelines, nutrition before pregnancy, and even gestational diabetes.
  • You’re interested in best practices for managing conditions like diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure or cholesterol, inflammation, allergies, arthritis, GI disorders, even back pain and osteoporosis.

How it Works

Pricing and Packages

Our appointment journey structure is affordable and ensures that our nutrition services are accessible to all our patients. Complimentary Discovery Calls (15 mins) are free of charge, Initial Consultations (75 mins) are $175, and a la carte Follow-Up Sessions (45 mins) are $75 each. Nutrition Packages start at $275 which include an Initial Consultation ($125 value) with additional Follow-Up Sessions (45 mins) custom tailored to address your specific needs, such as PCOS, postnatal care, weight management, hormone balance, and more.
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