With the vision of bringing women the expert in-depth care they need and the personalized experience they deserve, Dr. James Gohar, Founder and CEO of Viva Eve: The Women’s Health Experts, set out to create a better way forward. Here, he shares his transition from doctor to CEO, and his larger vision for Viva Eve. 

Q: How did your journey in medicine start?

A: I grew up in a medical family with both of my parents and a grandfather being physicians and I was always fascinated by how many lives they were able to impact throughout their careers. I believe this sparked a love and appreciation for helping people.  This, in turn, influenced me in wanting to also become a physician at a very young age. I actually found a picture of myself recently examining my physician Grandfather with his stethoscope at his bedside when I was around 5 years old. As I got older and had an opportunity to study medicine, I started to realize the impact I could have on people, and ultimately help make people’s lives better. 

Q: How do you feel traits, like empathy, play a role in your leadership? 

A: I think that empathy is the core of what makes us human. I believe that to truly help your patients it helps to be able to identify with them on some level, sympathize and genuinely seek to understand what they are going through. When doctors are able to put themselves in the shoes of others and use their expertise and knowledge to service their patients ability to solve problems, communicate, and connect becomes a powerful force. One without the other is far less effective, in my opinion.

Q: Why gynecology?

A: I would be naive to not acknowledge at least some influence from my mother being an Ob/Gyn. My mother was not only an outstanding gynecologist, but in many ways a pioneer of her time. She not only was one of the few female surgeons of her era but was an outstanding clinician with a unique bedside manner.  I grew up learning from my Mom that women’s health issues can be complex and nuanced. Being a problem solver by nature, this appealed to me very much. After meeting my wife (and now Co-founder) in medical school, this evolved into a broader passion for helping to empower and educate women in medicine.  

Q: What is your hope for Viva Eve, in expanding your reach? 

A: As we grow and add on new locations, doctors, nurse practitioners, and other clinical team members, we have this ability to help even more women. Our aim is to always educate and empower as many women as possible about women’s health issues and their treatment options. 

Q: Where do you expect the practice to be in five years?

A: Our vision for the next five years is to be in as many locations around New York as possible without compromising quality.  We would love to make it as easy as possible for any woman seeking our services or help to be able to reach us. Healthcare should be simple, easy and transparent and that is what we strive for.  

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