Meet Natalie, a 47-year old working mom of two. The heavy, painful periods Natalie was suffering in her mid 20s were diagnosed as uterine fibroids. In 2005, she decided that a myomectomy – the surgical removal of fibroids – was the best treatment option for her. However, after the birth of her second child, the fibroids came back.

“Fast forward to 42 years old, her uterine fibroids emerged back to full force. Back then, my doctor set expectations that a re-emergence of fibroids was a highly likely possibility. With my second round of fibroids, I didn’t feel like I was given many options.”

Faced with either undergoing a hysterectomy or taking birth control, Natalie chose the less extreme option. “I tried the birth control, and it got to the point where the birth control wasn’t helping to lighten the bleeding as much. So I sought alternative options because I didn’t want to go the hysterectomy route at all.”

By 2018, her fibroids were so aggressive that she was bleeding for two months straight. “I couldn’t function, I remember calling out of work lots of times because I was in so much pain. Even in my sleep I would have accidents.” I was exhausted of living a life controlled by fibroids. Following that revelation, Natalie decided to look for a specialist.

That’s when she discovered Viva Eve. “Immediately, they were very caring, very sympathetic to what I was going through. They offered me less invasive options, and even though my insurance didn’t cover anything at the time, they insisted that I keep coming.”

To ensure all women are evaluated and know all of their treatment options, Viva Eve sees all fibroid patients for complimentary visits. Our Patient Concierge Team also helps patients switch to covered insurance in order to undergo their desired procedures, which was the case for Natalie.

“I have everything in line for my procedure now and I’m definitely looking forward to no more accidents. Even now, I don’t know when my cycle is going to come, it’s never consistent. I can’t wait for a normal period.” Natalie is currently moving forward with the UFE. Stay tuned for updates!

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