About Ed Walters

Ed is the Vice President of Growth at Mosaic, a construction technology company, where he leads marketing, sales, partnerships, and customer success.

He was previously a General Partner at Tamarisc Ventures, one of the first venture capital funds focused on the intersection of real estate and technology, and a former Vice President of Business Development for Bode, a tech-enabled hospitality management company.

Prior to those roles, Ed worked as an investor at Morningside Group, a private equity and venture capital firm with offices in Asia and the US. Before moving into real estate and venture capital, Ed worked in the United States Senate and the Brookings Institution on health policy issues.

Ed holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MSC from the University of Oxford, and a BA from Trinity College. He is Vice Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s New York Real Estate Technology and Innovation Council and serves as a Board Director for Breezeway, a property operations & services technology platform.

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