Our Patient Concierge are dedicated to helping patients throughout their Viva Eve healthcare journey. From providing emotional support to scheduling appointments and tackling billing questions, they’re a true resource for our patients in every aspect of their care. Read on to learn about how they help patients get the treatment and care they deserve. 

Q: What is your role in the patient journey?

A: We’re here to start the journey with patients and decrease their stress as much as possible. We’re that first point of contact that explains treatment options, help with insurance, future appointments and everything in-between. Life happens, and sometimes patients need more time to consider their options, or they get really busy. 

Q: What’s that first conversation like?

A: We listen to the patient’s story and gather as much information as possible from the initial conversation in order to help them better. We also use the first conversation to try and educate the patient by answering all of their questions and addressing any concerns including about insurance. 

Q: How do you approach women who are nervous about coming in for an appointment? 

A: Sometimes patients are nervous to actually come even if it’s just a consultation, because for them, they’ve dealt with this for so many years. Sometimes, their mom or other family members have also had the same health issues. We understand that for them to actually come and discuss treatment options, it’s a big step. We want to make them feel heard and make them feel safe. 

Q: What are the next steps for the patient? 

A: The patient comes in to meet with one of our providers who assesses the patient thoroughly and determines, with the patient, what the best course of treatment is. It is at this time as well that all questions are answered and any remaining pre-procedural workup is scheduled. 

Q: What is your last point of contact with the patient? 

A: Whatever treatment option the patient decides to pursue, we make sure to follow up with her after the treatment is complete. We also check in with the patients a few more times in the following months to make sure they are recovering well and are satisfied with their results.

Q: Other than navigating the process, how do you support the patients? 

A: It can be scary for women dealing with fibroids and we’re here to help. We make sure the patients know that we are here for them every step of the way not only medically, but more importantly emotionally as well. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the job? 

Liz, Lead Patient Concierge – Definitely being with the patient and guiding the patient – but I also love the clinical aspect of our role. 

Aby, Patient Concierge – I love getting that recognition from patients that we’ve actually helped them get to their goal. However, I also love the administrative aspect of it. I like prepping charts, I like working the pre-op. I’m a fan of the clinicals. 

Sheila, Patient Concierge – My favorite part, honestly, is working with his team. I don’t think I could accomplish my role without this team. Everyone here wants the best for the patient and everyone is so eager to jump in and help out. When you love what you do, you look forward to it. 

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