Food to Avoid with Fibroid Tumors

Many fibroid treatments deal with surgically removing them or only managing symptoms. While these are viable options you might prefer to seek out long term changes. Lifestyle changes can lessen your likelihood of developing fibroids and possibly even shrink fibroids without hormonal treatment or surgery.

Lifestyle changes like managing stress, exercise, and eating a balanced diet can all help prevent and manage fibroids. Since fibroids are related to things like hormone levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar, simply knowing what foods to avoid with fibroid tumors and bringing in homeopathic remedies for fibroid tumors can help with treatment. 

The true cause of fibroids is unknown but studies have shown a link between fibroid tumors and unhealthy habits like smoking, poor diet, not enough exercise, stress, or lack of nutrition. Decreasing these habits and knowing which foods to avoid with fibroid tumors can be a life changing step towards fibroid relief. 

Fibroids cause pain when they grow. This usually happens alongside fluctuations with estrogen and progesterone, hormones naturally produced during the menstrual cycle. These hormones can also be impacted by food or daily habits which is why many professionals believe changing daily habits can have an impact on fibroid growth and development. 

Food to Avoid with Fibroid Tumors

Certain foods to avoid with fibroid tumors are foods that are high in refined sugar, sodium, and high in fat. Processed food or fast food is often high in fat which can contribute to weight gain. Weight gain can contribute to hormone imbalances. 


  • Fast food
  • Packaged food like chips
  • Food from street vendors

Red meat and dairy are among foods to avoid with fibroid tumors because of the high levels of estrogen found in the food. Fibroids are affected by hormones, avoiding foods that spike hormones or cause them to fluctuate can help. 


  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Deli meats/processed meats

Foods high in sugar can contribute to weight gain, inflammation, and high insulin which can cause the body to create excess estrogen. 


  • Energy drinks
  • Soda
  • Sugary lattes
  • Cocktails
  • Cereal
  • Pastries
  • Alcohol

The foods to avoid with fibroid tumors are often convenient and comforting and aren’t necessarily bad. Still, when it comes to managing your health and the discomfort of fibroids, replacing these indulgent foods with healthier ones can help prevent the growth of fibroids and possibly eliminate them altogether without fibroid surgery.

Homeopathic remedies for fibroid tumors

Lifestyle changes have been shown to help shrink, eliminate, or prevent the development of fibroids and because of this, many homeopathic treatments might be useful in treating fibroids. Homeopathic remedies for fibroid tumors are safe to try and often have a positive effect in overall health. 

While it has yet to be scientifically proven, studies have been done on the relationship between green tea and fibroids as well as apple cider vinegar and fibroid tumors. Both have shown promising results in managing fibroids and their symptoms. 

Green Tea and fibroids

A study was done in 2013 that showed promising results in fibroid reduction by using green tea extract. Green Tea is high in antioxidants; antioxidants help in repairing cells damaged by free radicals and has been shown to decrease the growth of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.

When it comes to homeopathic remedies for fibroid tumors, drinking green tea is a very safe and beneficial way to manage symptoms, prevent tumors, and possibly shrink fibroids. Add a cup or two of green tea to your breakfast or lunch or sip on green tea while working at your desk throughout the day. 

Apple Cider Vinegar and fibroid tumors

The trending “cure all remedy,” apple cider vinegar, has gained some attention as a treatment for fibroids. What is important to understand is that more scientific studies need to happen to back up the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar and fibroid tumors. However, promising studies are also being done to test the use of apple cider vinegar to aid in weight loss.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a way to minimize the growth of fibroids. Apple cider vinegar is also low risk in side effects so it is safe to add as a supplement to a healthy diet. While the research is still being gathered on apple cider vinegar and fibroid tumors, it’s still a healthy habit that is worth bringing into your routine. Try adding a couple of teaspoons to your water in the morning or even to your afternoon green tea. 

Foods to help manage fibroids

Eating foods that give your body nutrients and help it regulate hormones, blood sugar, and blood pressure, can help combat the growth of fibroids and the discomfort associated with them. Try adding lean, high fiber, nutrient dense foods throughout your day. Foods high in fiber can help you feel more full which can help with cravings, excessive snacking, or overeating. 

Try foods like: 

  • Green veggies
  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Turkey, chicken, or fish 
  • Herbal remedies like green tea or apple cider vinegar 

While homeopathic remedies for fibroid tumors and avoiding certain foods can help with fibroid treatment, you should always talk to your specialist before ruling out medical care or trying natural methods of treatment. If you have signs or symptoms of fibroids, contact your Viva Eve specialist and schedule an appointment to figure out which treatment plan is best for you. 

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