During a routine health check, Daisy learned that she needed to have her uterus repaired due to a c-section wound healing improperly. Months later, she began developing alarming symptoms, including heavy bleeding, severe menstrual cramping, and ‘out of this world pain.’ Check out her journey here.

“It’s been a journey with Viva Eve. First off, I had one procedure done with Dr. Gohar – he actually saw there was a repair that needed to be done in my uterus and we had that done.

And then a year or so later, I found out I have fibroids and I also had another condition on top of that (endometriosis). It was excruciating, it was a mess every month, and once the symptoms started occurring, it was very difficult because I have big boys. I have been fortunate to have two big ten pound babies, and they are pretty big now. I have very tall boys and being in pain is not the best for a mom. 

Viva Eve actually was referred to me by another gynecologist. The moment I got there, the staff is amazing, I love my girls they’re the sweetest people in the world and they’re very helpful and very informative. Anything that needed to get done is from beginning to end there was someone to talk to.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have Dr. Gohar in my life and for fixing everything that needed to be fixed. Before the procedure, I was at two percent. Now after the procedure, I’m at a thousand percent. I am back to my normal self i am back to even a better cycle even prior to the procedure – it’s amazing.”

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