As a first time patient of Viva Eve, Daisy came in for a regular checkup and quickly learned that her C-section incision hadn’t healed properly and needed to be fixed ASAP. “Dr. Gohar found a hole in my C-section incision and that was a very dangerous thing. So he saved me, because I thought everything was fine and it wasn’t.”

After Dr. Gohar teamed up with another doctor to surgically repair the defect in her uterus, in 2021 Daisy began experiencing symptoms like heavy periods and unbearable menstrual pain. The mom of two had always had relatively short periods (3-4 days), so this was a noticeable change.

“I began experiencing out of this world pain, cramping, and heavy periods. I couldn’t even be intimate with my husband. After undergoing an undersound, I found out that I had multiple golf-ball sized fibroids sitting at the top of my uterus, causing inflammation, pain and discomfort.”

After discussing her options, Daisy learned that UFE would give her a better result. “It was so innovative and I found it to be the best solution to my problem. I liked that it was minimally invasive and would help the majority of symptoms. The interventional radiologist, Dr. Lien, drew out from beginning to end the process and I felt so comfortable.”

Dr. Lien ensured that Daisy was set her up for success, including having the necessary tools to help her cope during her recovery, including stool softener, blood thinners, pain medication, and antibiotics.

Daisy began seeing results in the second month after her procedure and today, her cycles are a night and day difference. “I am back to my normal self, I am back to an even better cycle even prior to the procedure, it’s amazing.”

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