You know your body best, and that’s why it can be concerning when you experience bleeding between periods.

While vaginal bleeding between periods isn’t a normal part of your cycle, there’s often a simple explanation as to why. Here are some of the most common causes of spotting when you’re not on your period:

1. Hormones

According to Healthline, the majority of women who experience intermittent vaginal bleeding between periods have a hormone imbalance. Your menstrual cycle is regulated by estrogen and progesterone, and when one or both of these hormones is off it can cause spotting.

But what causes this imbalance? It can be any number of things, from a thyroid gland problem to dysfunctional ovaries. However, it’s usually caused by starting or stopping a hormonal contraceptive (like birth control pills). Your Ob/Gyn can help you understand your hormone balance and suggest changes to your lifestyle or medications that could help.

2. Fibroids

If you experience painful, prolonged and/or heavy periods along with bleeding between your cycle, it may be a sign of fibroids. These benign tumors that grow on or in the muscular walls of the uterus can cause discomfort and be the reason for your unpredictable vaginal bleeding. Luckily, fibroids do not “turn” into cancer and can be treated by a specialist.

3. Infections

Another common cause of unusual vaginal bleeding is infections. Sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases, and douching can all inflame your reproductive system and cause bleeding between periods. Your OBGYN will be able to work with you to both test and treat infections.

Of course, these aren’t all the reasons why you may experience unpredictable vaginal bleeding. Stress, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and cancer can also all be culprits.

Always talk to your gynecologist 

While the most common causes of vaginal bleeding can easily be treated (and many may be resolved over time, like a hormonal imbalance), you should always see your OBGYN if it occurs. With knowledge of your medical history and experts on reproductive health, they can talk you through what may be happening or suggest testing, like a Pap smear, for more insight.

Every woman is different, and so is the solution to stopping or mitigating bleeding between their periods. When you need a gynecologist you can trust to understand your health, VIVA EVE can help. We have an entire team of board-certified physicians and fibroid specialists that are ready to meet with you, take the time to hear about your needs and create a plan of care.
You should never delay seeing a gynecologist for vaginal bleeding between periods. Contact any of the specialists at VIVA EVE today to learn more about our services and treatments.

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