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Yasmeen Beig

Lead Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Yasmeen Beig profile

About Yasmeen Beig

Yasmeen is a highly skilled Sonographer with over 9 years of experience in diagnostic imaging.


As Viva Eve’s Lead Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Yasmeen does everything from evaluating pregnancies to screening for uterine fibroids. She works directly with patients and physicians to perform ultrasound tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.


Yasmeen also oversees and supervises Viva Eve’s team of sonographers, guiding them to ensure the best possible outcome for the patients. Yasmeen finds working in women’s health to be very humbling and feels a sense of purpose and drive in what she does.

It is a reward like no other to know that we as a team are providing a much needed service, especially when it comes to bringing new life into this world.

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