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Breast Augmentation in NYC

A woman’s breasts can change in size, shape, and fullness over the course of her life. After going through the pregnancy, your breasts might be particularly sagging or shrunken while nursing your child. If you are in the market for a Viva Eve Mommy Makeover, you might benefit from a personal consultation with a leading plastic surgeon in New York City (NYC) who can tell you about the biggest benefits of breast augmentation. 

The right shape, size, and volume of someone’s breasts can have a huge impact on their self-esteem, confidence, and overall self-image. If you are looking to get back in touch with your femininity, learn more about breast augmentations in NYC at Viva Eve.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Viva Eve is proud to carry over 30 years of experience providing top-notch wellness services for women. Our plastic surgery options exist with the purpose of fulfilling all women’s needs, from physical health to emotional security. Currently, Viva Eve offers breast augmentation procedures through fat transfer or silicone implants. 

This dynamic procedure defines and enhances your existing breast tissue to reshape your chest, giving you a new, optimized look. If you have small or sagging breasts due to weight loss, aging, pregnancy, or another life-altering condition, this may be the perfect procedure for you. 

In today’s world of medical advancements, we are happy to offer multiple options that will help you enlarge your breasts in a way that looks most pleasing to you. It is our goal to help you look and feel your best, and that goal can be reached in a number of ways. Here are two popular breast augmentation options that we offer at all of our New York locations.

Breast Augmentation Via Fat Transfer

Fat transfers are unique procedures in which the surgeon uses your body’s own fat to make new breasts. This revolutionary procedure works in two steps: First, your surgeon will remove fat from your thighs or your buttocks. It will then be placed into your breasts, immediately enlarging them. 

A lot of patients view our fat transfer surgeries as a win-win treatment, as you can remove some fat from the unwanted areas of your body and relocate it to the parts you want to enhance. This type of surgery has the added benefit of reducing the rate of rejection, as you are using your body’s own fat tissue to rebuild your breasts. 

Breast Augmentation Via Implants 

Implants are the most common form of breast augmentation surgery that Viva Eve offers at all of its New York locations, including Manhattan and Queens. Your surgeon will take silicone breast implants, which are round silicone shells filled with gel or saline, and insert them into your chest under the existing breast tissue.

But if there is one big factor that needs to be mentioned, it’s that breast lift procedures do not stop the natural process of aging. If you are still reasonably young and have many years ahead of you, just expect that gravity may take its toll on your breasts again in the future.

Here’s a further breakdown: 

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are made to look and feel like natural breasts, offering a firmer “shell” that gets placed under the breast tissue. A lot of people like silicone implants because they look so real, but there can be a couple of drawbacks to having silicone as well. For example, the silicone can sometimes leak, which would cause the need for a second surgery.

Saline Implants

With saline implants, you have a bit more flexibility. Patients who get saline implants at their local NYC wellness center enjoy that saline implants can be inserted through much smaller incisions than it takes for silicone implants. Not to mention, it is safe for the body to absorb the saline material in case the implant ever ruptures. 

How do our Viva Eve patients choose between implants and fat transfers? 

We often recommend a specific NYC breast augmentation procedure based on the patient’s body type and what type of visual look they are going for. Those who are looking for a natural look and feel might feel better with a fat transfer, and those who want something more round and firm could be happier with implants.

Why Undergo a Breast Augmentation?

Because our Viva Eve experts want you to look and feel your best at all times, we want to ensure that you are completely happy with your breasts. If you are looking to reshape your curves so that your outside can better reflect your inner beauty, you might be interested in learning more about breast augmentation surgery in NYC. 

During your consultation with our Viva Eve plastic surgeons, you will be able to choose the size and shape of your new breasts. You will also be able to more deeply discuss your needs and preferences, which will help us figure out whether implants or a fat transfer augmentation would work best for you.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

We are setting a new standard for women’s wellness by advocating for the empowerment of women in every aspect of their journey to better health. That is why we encourage all healthy women to inquire more about their breast augmentation options. 

While breast augmentations are often included as part of a Mommy Makeover, they can also be done completely on their own. The best candidates for this procedure are: 

  • In good overall mental and physical health 
  • Finished breastfeeding and are not pregnant 
  • Feeling insecure about their sagging or misshapen breasts and want to enhance their inner beauty 
  • Non-smokers and non-drinkers
  • Within a healthy frame of mind to make decisions about altering their physical body

When deciding on breast augmentation in NYC, it is important to understand both the risks and rewards. It always helps to be curious about breast augmentations so that you can seek to understand every facet of the procedure. If this describes you, then you’re in the right place!

Breast Augmentation Benefits & Risks


There are quite a few reasons why new patients are constantly seeking out the best breast augmentation surgeons that New York has to offer. Here are just a few of the great benefits that you can gain from this kind of Mommy Makeover procedure: 


  • You can seamlessly readjust and realign your breasts after a life-altering change, such as pregnancy or extreme weight loss.
  • Other medical conditions that have caused lumpy or sagging breasts can also be fixed with a breast augmentation procedure.
  • The results of the procedure can help you love the way you look, enhancing not only your looks but your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Breast augmentations have been known to help women feel sexy and regain their confidence which can help strengthen your relationships with others as well as with yourself.
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve the figure and form you have always dreamed about!


For some, breast augmentations go beyond a mommy makeover package. This procedure is also available to any women in New York who are interested in combating other medical conditions and mental health ailments that could be affecting their overall quality of life.


Every surgical procedure comes with some risks, as that is the nature of surgery and anesthesia. There are a couple of other pitfalls that we want our patients to be aware of before they sign up for this kind of surgery:


  • There may be some changes in breast and nipple sensation after the surgery.
  • Some types of breast implants can rupture or leak over time.
  • Severe scar tissue may cause the shape of the breasts to be changed and lopsided, reversing the effects of the procedure.


There is also the risk of infection, especially with silicone implants. However, our certified team of expert plastic surgeons in NYC takes every precaution to ensure that you remain in a safe and sterile environment.

Explore Your NYC Breast Augmentation Options at Viva Eve

As one of New York City’s leading health destinations, we use empathy and compassion to lead our mission of providing a wide range of wellness services to everyone who is looking to be empowered. We are tired of hearing stories from women whose individual needs went unnoticed in the traditional medical industry for too long. 

Finally, there is a place where you are able to take control. By providing several different breast augmentation surgery options, you can choose exactly what type of service works best for you. Rest and relax in a spa-like setting as we help you look and feel better than you’ve ever felt before. 

All of our New York offices (Queens and Manhattan) offer breast augmentation surgery services for patients of all shapes and sizes. 

Patient Journey

We are with you every step of the way. One of the many things that makes Viva Eve stand out from the rest is that we won’t leave you high and dry as soon as the surgical procedure is over. We will consult with you and empathize with your journey from the moment you contact us for the first time to the day our surgeon can sign off on your official state of recovery. You will never be left with questions or concerns that went unaddressed. 

Viva Eve is passionate about putting your comfort and wellness to the forefront. We encourage women to advocate for their health and wellness needs, which we are happy to provide. Our breast enhancement specialists are trained with the best, and we have cutting-edge technologies to make this the most seamless surgery experience on the market. 

First Consultation & How to Book 

It’s easy to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experts at Viva Eve NYC. First, take a look at what Viva Eve has to offer, and then get in touch with us online or over the phone. If you have additional questions about breast augmentations in NYC, we would be happy to schedule a confidential chat. 

You can book your first appointment online or by giving us a call at (212) 988-2111. We look forward to offering you the services you’ve always dreamed of and more!

Meet Our Plastic Surgery Team

Viva Eve is a special team of special people who have come together with a singular passion: To help women achieve physical and mental wellness through a number of empowering health services. Whether you are interested in a mommy makeover or an individual breast augmentation procedure, we can help you feel the way you deserve to feel every day.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

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