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Prenatal Genetic Testing and Screening


Genetic screening for expecting parents and for the fetus are important and useful tools to prepare for your growing family. With Prenatal Genetic screening you can learn about potential genetic disorders; with genetic testing you are able to more accurately diagnose those disorders. Carrier screenings and prenatal genetic screenings are good ways to check both the future parents and the growing fetus for hereditary diseases and defects. This gives the parents-to-be the advantage of preparing and educating themselves if they discover their child is going to have a specific disorder, such as Down Syndrome. A carrier screening is a great option for pre-prenatal parents who want to see if they are carriers of certain genetic diseases that could be passed along in a pregnancy. 

Here is what you can expect from prenatal genetic screening and how you can prepare

Often an ultrasound or blood and urine tests are part of genetic screening for the expecting parent. Most screenings require very little, if any, preparation and don’t require any recovery time. You are always welcome to reach out to our team of NYC Ob/Gyns  if you have any questions or concerns about preparing for your screenings.

Here is what you can expect from genetic testing and how you can prepare

Genetic testing might be a little more invasive but is usually able to diagnose any disorders or defects. Your preparation will likely still be minimal, but we encourage you to speak with our NYC Ob/Gyns who are part of the Viva Eve team and discuss your unique situation.

What we look for during Genetic Screening

In the first trimester Viva Eve doctors can conduct a prenatal genetic screening that not only determines the sex of the baby, but also checks for any valuable genetic information. For example, if you decide that you want to know the sex of your baby at this time, we provide ustom cards that you can later share in private or publicly with family and friends. We use your blood or urine samples to test for any genetic mutations, we factor in your family history, and we utilize ultrasounds to see if there are signs of defects. If we see anything irregular, we might recommend you follow up with detailed genetic testing.

Here are some of the outcomes of prenatal genetic screening and genetic testing

In genetic screening you can determine if certain disorders are more likely to develop in your future child. If that is the case, parents-to-be can have the advantage of following up with genetic testing and preparing for whatever genetic disorders their baby may have. At Viva Eve it is our goal to empower you as you make decisions for your own health as well as the health of your future children.